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Jun E Serves

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We just got back from the homeless shelter. Its about 8:44 pm we have been there for four hours. This is something we do every Sunday. We go and serve the homeless, however recently we decided that just serving food was not enough. We decided to start a series of workshops.  The first workshop tonight was very interesting.  Shelters are filled with people from all walks of life. Its interesting that we live in a world where people are starving however right down the street the local university buys a TV screen for 500K. People are really hurting and some are actually looking for help, but have no fear Jun E Caniel loves you.  It was interesting looking into their eyes as they tell their stories. Jun E Caniel will continue to empower and extend a hand to fellow men and women. World we encourage you to join us in this movement! Everyone counts in this world. We are all connected and we know that everyone possess a talent that has no rival.  Thank you for listening and Be Jun E!

Join the Movement

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Keeping in line with the significance of effecting positive global change, Jun E Caniel strives to spark a movement of positivity through philanthropy, social and environmental activism, and volunteerism.  Heading this movement will be the Jun E Caniel Foundation.  The JEC Foundation will play an active role in the spread of greatness throughout the global community.
A percentage of all profits are contributed to a variety of organizations dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged populations globally.

Hello world!

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Hello to all!  Welcome to Jun E Caniel, we are very excited about the October 1, 2010 opening of our online store and boutiques. You can visit us online at www.jcaniel.com. We look forward to everyone joining us in the movement. Be Jun E!

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