Jun E Caniel

thoughts on Commitment

In Thoughts on October 6, 2010 at 3:10 am

The road to success is always under construction.  To everyone out their who dares to dream and is fearless this article is for you.  Know that your going to be alone when you decide to embark on the journey. Know that its a process and not a destination. Know that your faith will be tested, and friends will be revealed. Know that your unwavering belief and faith in yourself mixed with perseverance will be enough for triumph. Know that the most important things you will hold is your hopes, dreams, and faith. Know that it must be done for others to believe.  I say hold on to your commitment no matter what! Until you commit there is a hesitancy, a chance to draw back.  But the moment you commit yourself, God moves, and a whole stream of events erupt.  All manner of unforeseen meetings, incidents, persons, and materials assistance which could never been dreamed of will come your way.  Be Jun E! Commit to your dreams!

Jay Caniel

  1. Very true. Couldnt be said any better !

  2. i agree, however the first steps are taken, whether by foot or by car, or bike, to begin one’s journey is in itself one of the greatest efforts ever done. i know that were it not for people in my own community i would’ve never got the chance to get on my dirt road to green pastures; greatness will cause you to sacrifice your past to gain your present and greatness WILL also require your present for your future but that shouldn’t stop u from doing great in life, nor should it stop you from starting on your path.:)

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