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In Uncategorized on October 27, 2010 at 7:01 pm

Oh Boy its a Jun E day! Well it feels really good to be alive and living.  The Jun E Caniel journey has been a great one. Everyday has been filled with hard work, hope, freedom, and unbelievable creativity. I live to create the world that I live in, although sometimes it is lined with struggle. I am a firm believer where there is struggle there is life. During this venture as an entrepreneur, I have seen why people settle for their mediocre lives. It’s so easy to settle and sit back and watch people on TV live their dreams out, but I decided long time ago to be Jun E and define what success is for my life. I challenge you to do the same. Create! Create! Create! Find the gold that is inside of you and bring it to life. Until next time be Jun E!  Join the movement!

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  1. stepping out on the ledge with no parachute is a monumental challenge, and the commitment to be Jun E, to be exceptional is one that does not come easy. We must continue to advocate and preach empowerment and courage, and take the road less traveled.

    Stay Jun E

  2. I agree! As I step out, I encourage others to do the same. It’s time for us to unleash that LION and invest in our own dreams. We won’t always be understood or supported. Many will not believe in our vision, however it is important for us to strive toward our ultimate Jun E in spite of. At some point, the others WILL catch on and join the movement.

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