Jun E Caniel


In Thoughts on October 27, 2010 at 5:08 am

When was the last time you had a random conversation? What did you talk about? How long did the conversation last? What did you learn?

  1. When I think back to the many random conservations I’ve had with strangers I realize these have been the most inspiring and uplifting conservations I’ve ever had. Conservations like this have brought me comfort, and given me peace. I have had many confirmations of success and greatness through talking with strangers.
    My youngest daughter was born with a severe cranial facial defect. We discovered this through an ultrasound before she was born. My husband and I began meeting with doctors and specialists that informed us of the challenges we would face with our new baby. They told us what to expect as she grew and had to undergo the necessary surgeries to correct the defect. I remember each time we visited the childrens’ hosiptal, I would always strick up a conservation with someone that had a child with a similar defect. They would willingly tell me their story, and assure me my daughter would be fine. I thought is was amazing how much comfort and peace and assurance I got from talking with people I’d never met. However, it wasn’t until my daughter was born, and her birth defect was truly revealed that the power of these conversations came to light. Her plastic surgeon, who is a wonderful surgeon, would give us no false hope. He would sit us down and say he would do all he could, but it was one of the worst defects he’d ever seen. Naturally, being the mother, I experienced great pain, and discouragement. I worried if my child would be made fun of or treated differently because she may look different. My worst fear came to life when we had my daughter at the hospital for a check up when she was 2 weeks old. Two little girls, just being children, came up to her and said “she’s ugly”. I could feel my heart sink. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I wanted to lash out at these two children. I felt a desperate need to protect my child. Thank God, I realized these were children, and they did not mean any harm. Nevertheless, I was left with the most heart wrenching feeling. Then, about five minutes later, a lady, whom we did not know of course, came up to us and began telling us how beautiful our daughter was. She made a great deal over her. She also told us not to worry, our daughter would be fine. It was awesome, especially when we realized this lady was the mother of the two little girls! As our daughter has grown, I have continued to run into people that will tell me their experiences with the same type birth defect. Sometime people will walk up to me and say they noticed my daughter and just wanted to let me know they went through the same thing with their child. Others have had a niece, a nephew, or friend with the same type birth defect. We even attended a church when our daughter was about 2 yrs old where we met a couple who had just discovered their baby girl was going to be born with the same defect. We were able to talk to them, encourage them, and best of all, allow them see our daughter and how wonderful and beautiful she was. That was truly an amazing experience. I believe we both helped each other. I even had one lady tell me what an inspiration, and witness my daughter would be to others.
    My daughter is now 8 years old. She has had 3 major surgeries, 7 sets of tubes in her ears, and is now undergoing orthodontic repair. She is truly beautiful both inside and out. There was a concern once whether or not she would talk normally,she does! She is extremely bright. She plays sports, and can do anything she sets her mind to. However, there are more surgeries to come. The great thing is, I still have random conversations with strangers that tell me of their experiences with the same type birth defect. Most say they just want to encourage me; and they do! I can’t express what a comfort, and a blessing it is to have these strangers randomly walk up and share their experience with me. I truly value random conservations with strangers. Honestly, I believe the conversations are intended. I view them as random because I don’t foresee them, or know who these people are. But, I have learned threw these conversations that we should always be encouraged, and never stop climbing. I have and continue to be refreshed, motivated, and energized through these conversations. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt my daughter is bound for greatness! Therefore, I’d like to encourage you to always take the time to talk to a stranger. You never know what you might learn, how inspired, or how great you will become as a result.

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