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To our Jun E Youth

In Thoughts on October 8, 2010 at 2:09 am

To our Jun E  Youth and Young Adults:

As I look around in the world I see adults who have turned their backs on you. Probably the reason they build more jails, and allow the worst professionals to work around you.  Why do they give you the worst, coaches, teachers, administrators, social workers, etc?  I ask myself why? They surround you with trash and expect you to pull yourself up.  You’re surrounded by people who have a false sense of success. They determine their success by what you lack, instead of by their own potential.  I guess they don’t understand the great mirror of life. They parade around with sheets of papers badgering you and telling you “I got mine you need to get yours.” Some even go as far to saying “I will be working for a long time, you only have one career.”  Some even shake their heads saying “I just don’t know about this generation.” They even give you the,” you can do anything you want to be”, however they seem to settle for mediocrity in their own lives.  They tell us how their kids got in the way of their dreams and the tale goes on and on like a bad recording.  They constantly call you out of your name, do not except!  Based on their own 5×7 frame they fit you within their box which has ran out of room. Despite all adversity stand up and believe in yourself!

Stand up in the dark, so the world can see you in the light. I believe in humanity and the ability of people to do amazing things.  I believe there is a large group of people who have the infinite capacity of not knowing what can be done.  To you, I say go as far as you can see, and when you get there go further.  Then go further! Never stop because we create this very thing call life.  Just know that within your grasp you hold the keys to your success.  I’m calling all young leaders. Don’t be afraid to jump off the cliff for your dreams. Don’t be afraid to declare to the universe what you want. Remember the world is at your feet and the universe is your playground. You are strong, bold, innovative, beautiful, powerful, ambitious, hardworking, intelligent, wealthy, and legendary. You are Jun E! Inside of you and I do mean every one of you, lies greatness.  If it’s dormant; Get UP! If it’s up, light someone else’s fire.

Jay Caniel


thoughts on Commitment

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The road to success is always under construction.  To everyone out their who dares to dream and is fearless this article is for you.  Know that your going to be alone when you decide to embark on the journey. Know that its a process and not a destination. Know that your faith will be tested, and friends will be revealed. Know that your unwavering belief and faith in yourself mixed with perseverance will be enough for triumph. Know that the most important things you will hold is your hopes, dreams, and faith. Know that it must be done for others to believe.  I say hold on to your commitment no matter what! Until you commit there is a hesitancy, a chance to draw back.  But the moment you commit yourself, God moves, and a whole stream of events erupt.  All manner of unforeseen meetings, incidents, persons, and materials assistance which could never been dreamed of will come your way.  Be Jun E! Commit to your dreams!

Jay Caniel

The Boulevard

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We would like to thank the wonderful staff at The Boulevard for Jun E Caniel’s smooth transition in the store.   Last night’s gallery crawl was a great success. We were able to meet customers and answer questions about our products. If you’re near Charlotte, North Carolina we encourage you to stop by NoDa and visit The Boulevard. There you can find exclusive Jun E Caniel apparel along with other great  local designers.   We send out a big thank you to those who shopped  online or in The Boulevard.  Live Jun E!


The BLVD website:http://www.blvdnoda.com/merchants.html

453 East 36th Street

Charlotte NC

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