Jun E Caniel

What Are You Willing to Die For?

In Thoughts on November 8, 2010 at 5:10 pm

What are you willing to die for? You see, every day we die.  Whether we like it or not we essentially live to die each day. So everything we do and say represents what we are willing to die for. We pay for everything with our lives, our precious time.  Everyone should live their lives to represent an ideal. I represent greatness! Jun E ! I live everyday like it was my last, and spread love to the world without fear of running out. These days life looks a lot different to me. I figure, what the heck! I might as well be crazy enough to go forward to live out my dreams. Especially since the next man is scared to live his. He’d rather die for what society tells him. We here at Jun E Caniel believe that greatness lies within everyone, if you just take the time to mine it.

I’m willing to live and die to leave the legacy that I was born to carry out. Death! I often think about my final hours. I imagine myself lying in that cold hospital room with a crowd of people looking at me. It’s funny, at no time do money, cars, houses, women, hobbies, or enemies come to mind. I think about giving all to humanity. Did I leave anything in my frail body? Did I greatly improve the global community? Did I tell everyone I loved them enough? Did I teach my kids to look inside, and not society because all the power they ever want is within them? Did I encourage all to strive for greatness in all aspect of life? Did I leave an example for the people I lead? What are you willing to die for? Think about it. We don’t have the luxury of knowing when that time will come.  Instead we must live each moment with a reckless abandon.

  1. The other day I was at work and I realized that my “job” there was done; I know it may sound odd that a job is done at work but I feel like it’s my time to leave and go somewhere else. So I had been thinking about what my next job I would want to do, so I sat back and thought about how I could affect the community of Rochester better…and then it hit me that I have to get involved with children somehow. I looked at my life and realized I have too much to offer by investing my time into a pointless part-time job. So now I want to work in a daycare center and volunteer my time to read books to children cancer patients. I love kids and I have a lot to offer children because I am a big child, I think with a mature mind and dream with a child’s heart.

    I’m not much of a blogger, but I feel like this is needed to be said. Utilize your strengths and make the most of your life, be everything JUN E CANIEL stands for: love, hope, bettering society, if everyone let a fraction of their inner lion out, we will be living in a world of beasts. I am a firm believer that love is what will turn this world around, so I plan on going out and romanticizing the world till she is the way I picture her. A world where everyone has a home, no one is hungry for food but hungry for life. I LIVE for a world that will one day be JUN E.

  2. “What are you willing to die for?” I think that too many people live or simply exist and go day to day without sitting back and taking the time to figure out the answer to that question. We all have an extreme passion towards something. We all have goals we want to accomplish and dreams we want to pursue. Enjoy life, because you have it. Some don’t. Enjoy chasing your dreams. Enjoy the pursuit. That’s one of life’s greatest beauties. I read a quote a few days ago that has helped me to be a much more positive person: “Today I can cry because roses have thorns or I can celebrate that thorns have roses.” Positivity is a choice. Be positive. Enjoy life and contribute.

  3. What i live for is my artwork, and id happily die knowing my art was shared with the world.

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