Jun E Caniel


In Thoughts on November 10, 2010 at 2:36 pm

I woke up this morning feeling Jun E! With tons of thoughts on my mind I found myself thinking about the road ahead. I think to myself what is life really all about? Random thoughts on my mind about leaving a legacy in this world. Thinking I can not leave this earth with my music inside of me.  My drive for life is so strong it leaves me often times talking to myself. I know somebody out there understand, however it seems like there few and far between these days. I guess that’s why we are the top 1 percent. For the life of me I don’t understand how people take there talents, time, and life for granted.

Later this morning I moved on to a conversation with my big brother. The more my mind elevates the less people stimulate me in conversation,  but he understands the struggle of forging yourself in this life and not sitting back and waiting.  I can’t wait for success, so I guess I need to move on without it. It ultimately finds us! In the end I believe it all works out. I believe we can start a movement of greatness. The Jun E movement! I believe we have more in us as human beings. I’m looking for those eagles that want to soar. We need you!  To the rest of the world Jun E loves you!

Jay Caniel

  1. the same question was posted in high school in my senior year; when you leave this world no matter whaat u have earned ur immortality with others 2-300 years later, and still have people talkin about you, thats what being a legend is all about; thats why george washington thomas jefferson benjamin franklin and Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King jr. are still known to even people who aren’t in the US, its because they worked to try to make the basic freedoms of all humans a reality
    your legacy is your life, and your pen are the words you speak and the thoughts you let be known do not fear to be great if you want to leave your legacy

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