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A wise man once said, ” Don’t manage your time, manage your life”. I woke up this morning with time on my mind. A close friend that I mentor, recently got into a car accident and realized how precious his time is. The beauty in life is the fact that a split second can change our lives for good. The tragedy is that the same split second can end it. We cannot wait till our lives flash before our eyes to start living. We must make decisions and mange our lives daily. Today is the only thing that is promised to us. Manage yourself! Nothing separates successful people from unsuccessful people more than how they use their time. Until next time, be Jun E!

I still find each day too short….

For all the thoughts I want to think,

For  all the walks I want to take,

For all the books I want to read,

For all the friends I want to see.

Jun E loves take control of your time by managing your life!

  1. It’s funny how beautiful birth is and how horrible death can be. This past Sunday I came close to experiencing the inevitable. Thank God I was under His protection!… I was coming home from a friend’s house early Sunday morning, Fully alert focusing on making it home safely, Just got off the phone with my girlfriend she told me to be careful like always,I told her I love her and she said the same. Now I’m driving out of my friend’s apartment complex. I came to a stop sign to turn on to Cliffdale Rd. my friend Marques is in the passenger seat. I ask him should I make a left or right( I didn’t know my way back) He said left( I should have went right lol) So I proceeded left onto Cliffdale Rd. First intersection the light is green, by now I realized we should be turning soon. So I ask Marques is this turn no response he was too in depth with his texting conversation( like always lol)As I’m passing through the second intersection I slightly hit the brakes because i wasn’t sure if this was my turn, then I said Marques isn’t this the—BOOM!!! This object forcefully hits our car spinning us out, as we were spinning I was thinking what just happen and Why is everything in slow motion? lol Then I snap back to reality, then the car suddenly stop, I came to my senses I ask Marques did I run the light? he said no!. I looked out the rear view mirror I saw a car speeding in reverse. Simultaneously we both got out the car. I took a glance at my car and at the other vehicle that hit us which was about 20ft away from us on the sidewalk wrecked! I hear a voice are you guys ok? It was a man running towards he must have came from the vehicle i saw in my rear view mirror. I walked over to the passenger side. I said get away from the car in case the car explodes he said where’s my phone? where’s my phone? So the witness who saw the accident was calling Marques’s phone. We are frantically looking. I don’t know how it was possibly but it was lodge in between my seat and the driver side door so I quickly grabbed it and gave to him and we backed away from the car. In the background I hear the truck that hit us trying to reverse in other words trying to get away. He finally got out the car apparently he was drunk, so drunk he ask the witness if he was ok as if the witness was in the accident. By this time my friends pulled up coincidentally they were on their way to get something to eat and they recognized our car and they rushed over to the scene making sure we were ok.Marques and I were in such shocked we didn’t realized nor cared at the time the drunk driver was trying to run on foot luckily my friends chased him down and shortly after that the police came. To make a long story short. Just as gracefully you came into this world you can be tragically taken out in a split second. The truck came out of nowhere he had no lights on he didn’t break so there were no warning signs. (As I’m typing I feel compelled to reach out to the other driver to tell him I forgive him and he is in my prayers) What’s so crazy about it is everything that happened that night lead up to the accident. He was traveling down the road at the right time and place to hit us and vice versa. That’ truly mind blowing!!! Everything. I mean everything happens for a reason. And Me, Ariel Robinson, I am here for a reason. Another phenomenon that crosses my mind. That night wasn’t my time to go! It clearly wasn’t, there was a reason why I hit on the brake right before impact….. Father God. Thank you Jesus. because if i didn’t… i wouldn’t be writing to the Jun E nation right now.Thank you God… Don’t take anything for granted. Live life to the fullest but at the same time live life the right way. Seek God. Be Jun E. -Ace Chronicles

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