Jun E Caniel

Rebelling Against the Norm

In Thoughts on November 24, 2010 at 5:16 am

It is so easy to feel bogged down by the daily happenings of a seemingly purposeless existence.  It’s so easy to succumb to a “woe is me” attitude and eventually conform to the miserable normalcy of being mediocre and satisfied with the status quo. What a chore it is, sometimes, to overcome the oppression of contentment and comfort to rebel against the norm! It is necessary to do so however.  You see, we never know who is watching us and looking at us for an example on how to act.  We never know how we influence others.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, frustration, and overall negativity we should focus on the positive.  Squeeze everything you can out of every experience, and work  to make a positive impact in others’ lives.  I know it gets hard sometimes and it’s far easier to surrender, but the sweet triumph of rebelling against the norm can be so much sweeter!  If you are not happy, change your life.  Create something wonderful and delicious!  Make it worth while!  Or acknowledge that so far it has already been worth while.  Reach inside and start using your Jun E!

  1. As human beings we have the power to change our lives, however many of us choose to settle for mediocracy. Life is filled with lifeless adults. Afraid to be great, afraid to soar like the eagles. The interesting part about that is why do they want to hold all of us back. At the end of the day I am powerful. I am powerful enough to not fall into the trap. I am too strong, way too strong to be like them. Instead I give them no choice but to follow me. Follow me to the road that has no end, no boundaries! Thank you for giving me an outlet where I can be myself. Jun E! Great! Which ever the world understands. Thank you, Jun E Caniel.

  2. The numbah one rule of norms on any social class :they’re all over rated and they re all completly and utterly boring!
    Why do I want to be anything like the social norm when I can be more awesome, why do I need to be like the expected social statistic and expected and entirely bogus calculated average that tries to solidify a bogus truth
    I don’t need to be something that I was TOLD to dream about, I want to be that awesome and uplifting person ive always wanted to be because (get this) I WANT to be that person its not the stars coming to alignment it’s not some mathematician recognizing his genius with a calculation when He sees me it’s all me dang it and i wanna be a doctor not because it’s the social norm but b/c it was always my dream to be
    All I’m sayin is forget social norms and recognize the real norm that there is no norm

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