Jun E Caniel

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In Uncategorized on November 25, 2010 at 7:49 am

I’m on the road again, this time headed to Melbourne, Florida. It’s 2:21  AM on Thanksgiving, and I am thankful! I’m up thinking about the next move, the next project, where we will end up and what we will become. Our mission has always been simple: use our talents to improve humanity. It’s a goal that I’m willing to spend my entire life to accomplish. With each day we get one step closer through strategic and intentional acts. The book… Just thinking what do people need to know? What do they want to know? Although information is readily available, I still find that the vast majority does not have access to it.  The same situation oversees with food. Food in America happens to be abundant. So abundant, that we throw it away daily, however there are countries starving. I find that our youth are starving for knowledge in the same way. They want love, discipline and a chance to be Jun E!  We must provide it for them, or we have failed. I spend countless hours up just thinking of ways to reach them.

I have decided that the first book will be about knowing ones self. I have met countless adults who did not know themselves.    How did we get to this point? Is it a point of no return? I happen to be  an optimist! I  believe this generation can turn it around. I believe that race one day will not be an issue. I believe that we can raise a group of leaders who will not settle for less! I believe that all of us have a unique talent, which is unmatched by any other being. Life has so much to offer, so why settle. We can not be afraid to give up security for significance, financial gain for future potential, immediate pleasure for personal growth, and acceptable for excellence.  We love you and Be Jun E!  Let’s change the world!

Jay Caniel

  1. Ever since I went to middle school i looked into how I wanted to live my life and where I wanted to be when I reached that tender age of 30 I first said I wanted to be alive as a smart-mouthed comment and then as I continued in life I realized what I really wanted outa life ; to help my fellow man and do what I can to make sure that all of us really have that future that we were told from so long ago to fall in love with and when I turn 30 And am still confused of where the ebb of my life goes at least I’ll have that doctorate and the multiple contacts in multiple nations to know that I have at lest not wasted my life

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