Jun E Caniel

It’s Time!

In Thoughts on November 28, 2010 at 4:02 am

It’s time! Everyone has an internal time clock inside of them that gives off signals. Some call it a gyroscope, intuition, gut, etc. Whatever you choose to name yours, we all come equipped with it.  Like most things, we tend to ignore that very thing that has been with us from the beginning of our existence.  They say all good things come to an end. This weekend part of me died, spawning birth in another part of me. Birth is a very exciting time in our lives. A time where we tend to be stimulated by new possibilities, and ideas. Our minds race, just thinking about the roads it will lead us down. The feeling I’m describing is living. We must live! Everyday we have the opportunity to create new beginnings, instead of settling for mundane past. We must live in the present to create the future. I feel really Jun E right now. Knowing that I’m not neglecting the lion within me. I spend time each day learning to listen to my inner lion and finding ways to tap into my Jun E and unleash the lion within me.  All of us have the same capacity and opportunity to discover our greatness,  however some choose to spend time watching TV, working dead end jobs, associating with people not going up, and the list continues. It’s my time to put down the old me and pick up the new. It’s time to physically relocate and meet new people interested in making the most of their lives. Its time to work for the best, be the best, and except only the best in my life. It’s time to stand up everyday, every minute, every second and die for what we believe in. It’s time to spend more time learning ourselves and listening to ourselves, versus becoming critical of others. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. It’s time!  Be Jun E !

  1. its such a dangerous thing to be an idealist in today’s society, you can’t think, you can’t exsist without society getting all up in your grill thinkin’ you can’t act a certain way but you can still be the person you always dreamt to be so long as it follows under CDC regulations; its a bubble of ignorance that forces true thinkers and philosophers to bend back and forth indeed i agree that it is time, it is time for society to end this fallacious argument of the older generation holding on to the goodies of the newer generation and keeping them all down; indeed it is time for the newer generation to put old ideas of hatred and ignorance to the side and let loose true inspiration of love and peace within and without

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