Jun E Caniel

Greatest Text Message

In Thoughts on December 8, 2010 at 2:50 am

It read: “Just wanted to show you the car. It’s been a blessing to the family.” “Thank you very much”!

Four years ago we gave away a 1980 Mercedes Benz, to a family of five. At this time the family had no transportation and the husband was forced to catch rides to work 40 miles away. We had three cars at the time and figured that the family would benefit.   The above text message was received at 4:34 pm while we were in transit to serve the homeless, our usual Sunday afternoon routine.  For a second I became emotional, just thinking about how genuine and grateful the family is .  It just reminds me of the true meaning of life, giving. In life I have discovered that we always get what we give.  We are so fortunate to be blessed with health, strength, vision, love and the ability to give. To the people in the world, we thank you for all the inspiration that you have given us. To the people in the struggle, get out and get in the prosperity of life. We gravitate towards what we want. Words project images, so we must speak what we want and trust me, eventually it will be before your eyes.  Love life! Live Jun E!


  1. Giving in its most altruistic sense is one of the greatest gifts that you not only give to others but yourself. I am close to tears when former players call me with thanks for the extra time spent or the intervention that has kept them from committing dubious acts that would otherwise have changed the complexion of the lives that they now lead. I celebrate in your giving and I am promulgated to do more of the same! Everyday! It is a magnificent reminder that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper!

    Stay Jun E and Giving,


  2. as it gets closer to the season of Christmas this story and many others are the reason why i personally think Christmas should be the one time in life where (besides thanxgiving) you gather around your loved ones and you recognize that the family unit might be foolish or insane sometimes but its a wonderful and powerful gift that can and has influenced you in times of struggle.

  3. Oh man! I knew there was something missing. I haven’t blogged in weeks . Sigh- where to start. Where is the faith?!?!?! The people you hold most dear to heart are losing faith in you. You start hearing statements like; we are worried about your future, Your future is not looking too bright…we are losing sleep over you. Those kind of statements would even pierce through the strongest of steel especially coming from people who brought you into this world…yes it has affected me in negative I will admit that. But I also think to myself they really don’t know me. To speak those words into my life. I am Great. You see for me I have no other option it’s all or nothing for me. This is it. I can’t let anybody deter from my goals from living my life. I need to step out on faith. I need to take that risk. It’s the only path to greatness I can’t sit back and let this opportunities past just because of some words. Everybody isn’t going to be in your corner, but you must at all cause keep pushing through. Breakthrough is near. God bless. Be Jun E -Ace Chronicles

  4. The Movement. Last Sunday when I was serving the homeless with the Jun E squad lol i was observing everybody the people, Jay and Legend, my teammates, and it hit me. This is the movement giving back to humanity , taking time out of our day to help the ones in need. It was like I was outside looking in. Those people all I have hope and dreams day in day out they walk this world wonder what the next day will bring. No knowing they’re a huge part of this Movement. They are apart of this greatness. It’s interesting how different people’s paths are. They can veer off in a thousand directions but everyones path run parrallel at the end day. Rebel against the norm don’t conform and live for a cause no matter where life takes you God bless. Be Jun E -Ace Chronicles

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