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Live well, laugh often, and love much!

In Random Conversation on December 8, 2010 at 3:30 am

During a random conversation with a stranger, I noticed a powerful slogan in the background. It read: Live well, laugh often, and love much! My brain immediately went back to childhood.  It’s so interesting, the life and perspective of a young child. Growing up I had everything. No toys, so instead I created them with my mind. No bubble bath, so I created it with ivory soap. No bat, so we took old mop sticks and tennis balls and create a game. No hoop, so we took an old milk crate and nailed it to the lamp post. No desert, so we put cool aid in a cup and froze it and called it ” Special”.

Its, funny now but looking back at my childhood made me become a problem solver, entrepreneur, and inventor. Just walking around with a grin from ear to ear, even though I was bare footed and had holes in my pants. As I look into my life now as a young entrepreneur, I realize that its only through trials and risk that we learn.  I also discovered that  simplicity is the key to life. The same bravado we used as kids to achieve our dreams, works today!   I always believed I was the exception, and that everything would workout exactly how it’s seen in my mind. Today, I lay in bed each night looking at the Jun E Caniel empire grow. It was cool creating when I was a kid, and I must say it feels even better now. Live life Jun E!

  1. You have amazing writing skills. I really love this, reminds me that although life seems so hard at the moment, I have to work with what I have & make the most of it. “Life simply & simply live.”

  2. Without extreme pressure & force, coal would never transform into the beautiful gems(& commodity) we recognize as diamonds. I consider the hardships & struggles that I have encountered as chisel & stone crafting & shaping my character… Last spring when I was experiencing some turbulence in my life, I was driving through an old suburban street in northern California, I noticed a church billboard displaying the quote: “Adversity introduces you to yourself.” Although I rarely agree with church rhetoric or slogans, that quote spoke much truth to me, and I smiled after I read it. Like mentioned in the blog post, depending on the attitude of the individual, the hardships, struggles & tribulations we face growing up (& everyday) force us to be more intelligent & creative in discovering ways to overcome our problems. Attitude is key in determining how we let life’s challenges affect us–we can allow the pressure to transform our mind and spirit into precious gems, or we can allow the pressure to crush us. I choose, like Jun e, to be a diamond! Thanks for posting this!

    • Nicely put Alexandria! I’m like you choosing to find my Jun E and create my life. Choosing to take the road less traveled. When I think about the road less traveled, it really speaks to taking a chance on ourselves. At Jun E Caniel we strive to make people knowledgeable about themselves. When we stop learning about ourselves, and the powers we possess,ignorance begin. As I look at people in our society, I see Diamonds! Our challenge now is to uplift, restore and empower them to see themselves in the same light. Thank you for Joining the Jun E movement. The movement of Greatness!

  3. We have very very very similar backgrounds. Ingenuity comes from being placed in challenging situations and becoming comfortable in them and I find that very special people find comfort in their difficulties and in their struggles. I would like to say that I am one of those people and the obstacles that I have faced in the short time that I have been on this planet have only been the fuel, and chisel that have helped to develop my wayward development.

    • Ayo, I have discovered that, if we dig deep enough we all reflect some of the same qualities. I have never met anyone who did not want to be Jun E. I think people are often stopped by obstacles such as, fear, cynicism, laziness, bad habits, and arrogance. Deep down inside the Lion lies within all of us, just waiting to be stirred up and rekindled like an old flame. Just waiting to be motivated, feed love, hope, water, food, etc. We must begin to unleash the lion with ourselves, while stimulating others to do the same. I feel a movement of greatness coming and I know you understand. Jun E! 🙂

  4. this makes me think of the twisting and turbulent change of the “American dream” it used to be a time where all you really needed was a home 2 kids a dog, a wife, and maybe just maybe you’ll get this rare idea, this rare item in the world called happiness; Jun E is right this over thought concept that you need it all to be happy is total Bull-Pucky its not fair to my parents nor to me that we have to recognize some insignificant difference between those of the haves and the not have as much; happiness comes when life is more of a simple thought rather than an overdrawn over-clattered and overly bought out life; life isn’t measured in stuff or money its measured in how together life is for you.

  5. So very true! So many times we find ourselves complaining about what the negatives within our lives instead of trying to find the means to turn around our troubles and make them into something worth while. This is what splits the population between those who bathe in the shower of success and those who wallow in the emptiness of missed opportunity and failure. Constantly choosing to look at circumstances that we are given with a glass half full mentality will always more than likely lead to prosperous results that otherwise would not be possible. It truly is remarkable that some of life’s most troubling problems that we endured as we progressively got older, have been adequately answered through the trials and tribulations of our youthful days.

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