Jun E Caniel

The Truth About Ducks

In Thoughts on December 11, 2010 at 6:03 am

Earlier tonight I received a phone call that inspired me to write this blog.  On the other end of the phone was a young, passionate, hungry, and ambitious man. He was frustrated! Frustrated that everyone did not approach life with the same intensity that he does. Frustrated because these days each minute seems like a year past, and he has no time to waste.  He carries a whole city and family on his back with just one vehicle, stressed out that life is not moving fast enough. He’s stressed because it seems like everyone around him does not have the same sense of urgency.  This is the typical  life of an eagle surrounded by ducks. You know, it is interesting when you’re  an eagle surrounded by ducks. They all flop together, sitting in corners giggling, and encouraging each other to be mediocre. They band together against anyone who would have the balls to stand against mediocrity, or who would dare declare big dreams aloud.  This behavior is not foreign at all. You can find it in sports, the workplace, the military, etc. People have the same inner makeup, just different titles in front of their names.  So what are the young eagles to do? Do we fight all the ducks? Do we turn totally radical and kill all the ducks?  NO!  But what should the eagle do?

To the young man and everyone in the world singled out because they choose to be great, I say continue on the road less traveled.  Be the leader you are every second of the day.  The world worships and loves your originality and go-getter spirit.   Remember where there is struggle there is life. Do not accept and join the crowd of mediocrity. You see, deep down inside the ducks want to be eagles. There are far more ducks than there are eagles, so they settle for what they see the most. They try to bring you down for your ambition. They mention the fact that they will get a degree and other trinkets that represent so-called success.  This is typical of the ducks to conform to societal standards and achieve the norm.  These trinkets are easily achieved and provide the shelter and security they need.   The funny thing is they are defined by societal things, while you are concerned about making your own impressions in the world. You are admired for who you are, not the things you obtain. You must keep your eyes on the target.  You have so much promise, so much to give the world.  To the young man on the phone, we love you and keep pushing.  We believe in you 100% and you are going to accomplish all of your goals. The people who do not support you, deep down inside wish that they could be you. They figure since they don’t have the guts they might as well go against you.  Further more, you are a threat and a reminder to them that they probably don’t have what it takes to be an eagle.  Do everything with the passion and intensity that you always do, and live your life as Jun E as possible.  We LOVE you for your drive and intensity.  And we LOVE you for being an eagle.  Spread your Jun E wings and show those ducks how it’s supposed to be done!

  1. Interestingly enough mental slavery is alive in its most rudimentary and basic forms. To the Eagle/Lion that has wonderful ambitions, you will achieve those heights! “People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer…guess that is just the theory of man” –Nas. It is a very real and graphic reality that if you choose to be among the greats and the elites you relegate yourself to a very small group in existence. You may always be loved and surrounded by supporters but people will never know your pressure, your pain or your struggle, they never see what made you the way you are. It is in this truth that I say continue the journey, forge your legacy and claim the destiny that you seek for yourself. No one can keep you from it!

    To you young Lion! Young Warrior I say…”Dream no small dream, for they have no power to move the hearts of man.” -John Van Goethe. Your dream stirs hearts, it scares people, because you dare to do what they know takes a certain level of passion to claim and they don’t know if they can give what it takes to get there.

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