Jun E Caniel


In Thoughts on December 27, 2010 at 4:42 am

They say where there is struggle, there is life. They also say that we must overcome adversity if we want to be successful. For a long time I have been trying to figure out who is “they”.  Nevertheless  my tireless climb to the proverbial top has taught me to expect problems. I find that my journey has been like a long bus drive. On the way you make many stops. I find that you meet people and then their stop comes and it’s time to say good bye. I find that sometimes the lights are green and sometimes their red.  Some parts of the city rains and then the bus enters into sun shine. I’m looking out the window just thinking about how much gas the bus has left. But on the way the bus periodically stops to refuel. I sigh, thinking just when I was about to run out of gas here comes some fuel.

Looking out the window at all the people, just thinking about stopping. I can’t stop and I won’t because I have mountains to move. There are people left to inspire, people to learn from, share talks, and share memories with. Every time we get discouraged we have to find something inside of ourselves that propels us to go one more mile, yard, etc. I think at this time in my life it’s time to change buses. The old bus has gone beyond its years. After all its 2010 and I am still filled with all those dreams and ambitions. Just bursting from the seam like an over blown balloon.  Until next time, I will be at the bus stop waiting to change buses.  See you at the Top!

  1. I’ve been on a bus for quite some time myself. I’ve been underground in a tunnel. There isn’t much lighting. Like many others, I could have stopped the driver and gotten off the bus and walked back the opposite way. I didn’t. There was one time, maybe even twice, when I second-guessed myself and wondered if I made the wrong decision because the tunnel was a bit longer than i had anticipated. I quickly dispelled that idea however because now i can see the opening and the sunshine. Not too much longer now! Some will wish they stayed with me!

  2. I think most people regret getting off the bus of greatness. For some reason they tend to opt out settling for mediocrity. To you Mounda I say stay on that bus of greatness, no matter who gets off. Hold on to your unwavering faith in yourself. Most are scared to utter the things you dream of. The difference between a man of fear and the courageous man is one second. Sometimes one minute. You see, the courageous man just holds out one second longer and gets the goal. Keep your eye on the prize and attack it with a reckless abandon.

  3. Thats real man. Been MANY times when I wanted to get off the bus and just quit but something about me just won’t let me. The only thing that I see myself doing is changing to a different bus of GREATNESS!!

  4. Nothing is more true than this blog, life is like a bus ride and sometimes the bus may breakdown and you have to get off and find out the problem. As in life sometimes you have to step outside yourself to find out what the problem is, when things don’t seem to be running right with your bus. After locating the problem or problems you try your hardest to fix that problem. Sometimes you may need a second opinion to find the problem. But once that is done and the problem is found you start the bus back up and keep going on your way to the top! And you yell out ALL ABOARD NEXT STOP JUN E! And the people who are on the wrong bus will get off quickly to find the right bus, and those that believe in the driver and know where they’re going will sit back and enjoy the ride to the TOP. SEE YALL THERE

  5. Well Said Mike! I found something you said to be very interesting. When we declare to the world where we are headed, people’s true colors are shown. It seems that when we operate in mediocrity we have plenty of friends, however when we declare that we are headed to Jun E people seem to get off the bus. I can truly say that we are on the same bus feeling and discovering our Jun E!

  6. this is the most interesting metaphor for life Ive read yet, and i think its the most functional and realistic, life is like a bus where people’s individual stories are just as winding as the bus’s “driver” would allow it to be , life is so much like a bus as well in the fact that it does visit multiple stops and visit multiple people…now whether or whether not the bus carries these people is once again up to the driver; sometimes we may feel that our buses are riding on rims and sometimes we feel that the gas station is just 1 mile outa reach but you know what, that is the reason why they put TWO gas tanks in some buses just for the simple fact that the bus could run longer,
    buses run at all hours of the night & day, they affect peoples lives and they run to multiple destinations; indeed a bus IS the perfect example for life…i just hope my bus driver isn’t miss frizzle 🙂

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