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Love Vol 1

In Uncategorized on December 29, 2010 at 6:40 am

Love! It’s 12:51 A.M. and I have love on my mind. It’s a feeling I would never trade for the world. The greatest feeling in this world is to know that you are loved and cared for, and it doesn’t matter if that love comes from a spouse, friend or family member. Oh, the status of being loved! The type of people that will look you in the eyes and tell you whats right. That’s Love! People who might not agree with you, but believe in you and love you enough to join your endeavors. That’s Love! People that are with you win, lose or draw. That’s love! People who might make mistakes, but have the courage to tell you and apologize. That’s love! Love is timeless, and never goes out of style. Love heals and conquers all. Love is unconditional! Love is peace! Even when things seem very hectic, we find peace in knowing we are loved. Love is Jun E! Love is an essential part of living.

Where would you be if someone did not love you? I am committed everyday to let people know that I love them. Love is words, actions and thoughts. A simple gesture like the opening of a door for a stranger. Or a broad smile to a neighbor.  Is this love that I’m feeling? Love is the acknowledgment of someone by calling them by their name. Love is a warm embrace when you are down. A card in the mail with some flattering words. A nice song that picks you up. Love is the locking of eyes , a salute from soldier to soldier. Love is the shaking of the head in disapproval. Love is building something that will last forever, or creating something out of nothing. Love is the taste of tears. Love is that burning desire inside of you to be great. Love is a sigh, followed by a breathe of fresh air.  Love is the cold wind of the winter hitting your face. Love is the wave before the boarding of an airplane. hmmmm…. I wonder if it could be  the changes of the season. Love is the falling of the leaves, kissing  and nourishing the earth. Love is serving the unfortunate. Love is global. Love transcends, sex, race, and ethnicity. Love is Jun E Caniel. What is Love to you?


  1. Thanks for your meditations on love…it is certainly and under-discussed topic! I think continually experiencing love is what allows us to possess a sense of self-worth and value. This is especially why children need to be showered with loved, studies show that babies that are not constantly held and touched will not develop normally–love and affection are essential for optimal physical health and mental well being in all phases of the human life.

    I think that love is the most powerful healing force that exists in the universe. Love is what makes the planets orbit as well as what makes our hearts beat. I think if “love” was the driving force of our culture and society rather than “profit” and “greed” then the world would be a radically different place than it currently is.

    Fortunately, like you point out Jun E, love comes in many, many forms! It is far bigger than erotic or romantic love, love is in nature,art, music, and dance, it is in the relationships we have with our closest and most intimate family members,friends and lovers.

    But most importantly, as I am continually discovering as I get older and wiser, is that love must first and foremost come from within…we must love ourselves unconditionally at all times, we must forgive ourselves for our mistakes and not develop self-destructive tendencies and habits, we must channel the negative energy the world throws at us into beautiful pulsating beams of love!


    • Alex, you are exactly right! Love is vital to our health and well being from the time we are born. There is nothing like love. And can you imagine a world truly driven by a force such as love? What a beautiful concept! I smile at the thought, the possibility… Self love is definitely the beginning of it all, Alex. “Love Vol. 2” will be about self love. Thanks so much for your comment! Stay Jun E!

      ~T. Caniel

  2. i couldnt have said it better myself; this word which defines a feeling that is so deep, it would make old men sit on mountains and go blind from staring into the sun simply to get this definition. love is,was,and always will be this vague name of this feeling of warmth and this feeling of never ending joy; love is this persuasion to make a president step down from power to take care of his son; love is the stopping of a thief from stealing money from people because his son saw him; love is the never ending joy that comes after kissing your wife for the first time; love is the seeing of your friends coming to your b-day party despite the fact you’re doin’ 10-20 years behind bars; love is… love is the most wonderful feeling and if anyone would ever be so lucky to have this feeling , this warmth, this strength i hope and pray that you would never be so foolish as to kick it to the side for a chep imitation/trinket at the dollar store…
    until next time,

    NBHM 🙂

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