Jun E Caniel

Living for a Cause Vol. 1

In Jun E Caniel Conversation Series on December 30, 2010 at 6:40 am

As the new year approaches, I find myself thinking about ways to improve. I have found that the curse in being great is, never being satisfied with one’s current state, and at times an unhealthy desire to always demand better in my life and  the others around me.

Here are just a few things we should consider when living for a cause. As we muse around in the playground of our minds for ideas on improving,  we might want to think about our associations and the company we keep. Think about the types of people that text and call us on a regular basis. We should even think about the places we eat, volunteer, the streets on which we choose to drive, the neighborhood in which we live, and the music we put into our brains. Do these people and things line up with your vision?  Let us not forget to consider the people we call for advise. Look at what their lives have produced. It’s interesting that people will choose their doctors and lawyers with such scrutiny  but not the people closest to them. You see, we must be going in the same direction or eventually there will be a disconnect, or worse.  We could end up assimilating with the population of mediocrity.  That would be a true disaster.

I decided a long time ago to dedicate my life to something greater than myself. There are a  few characteristics of people willing to live for a greater cause.  Most of them live with a purpose worth the price, a vision bigger than life, and a power greater than themselves. Every person gives their life for what they believe. I must admit that it’s human to stand with the crowd, however it’s divine to stand alone. I challenge all to stand and live for what you believe in. I think we all stand. The difference is some choose to stand in darkness, while others chose to stand in the light. We must operate in bravery.  Barely surviving is not an option. Mere survival saps our freedom, creating robots.  Mere survival hinders us from completing ourselves. We must LIVE and we must be free! Free to believe that we have purpose in our bodies. Free to love ourselves unconditionally! Free to express ourselves socially, emotionally, artistically, intellectually, etc. Free! Let’s live! Let the LION loose!  Stay Jun E!


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