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Jun E SB in Picadilly Circus!

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Now that’s a Jun E move!


Check out Sean Steadman sporting our “Jun E Skaters Only” tee in London!

Jun E SB in London!

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Jun E SB in London!.

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Jun E SB in London!

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Ok everyone! Here is our new skate inspired blog site:   http://junesb.wordpress.com/

Follow Sean Steadman and Chris Yee as they spread that Jun E Skateboard love!  Stay Jun E!

Lion in a Coffin

In Thoughts on January 22, 2011 at 7:56 pm

I take a deep breathe before I begin to muse within the coffin.  It’s like having a huge plastic bag covering your face with a little hole inside. It sticks to my lids like crazy glue. I’m sweating as my lungs begin to talk to each other. They ask me if its time to go. My heart  replies, ” We’re not there yet!  As the sweat runs down my neck and my blood begin to run like a marathon, my vital organs begin to communicate in ways I never knew.   My brain screams, “We are going to make it! This soothes my heart and compels it to keep drumming. Outside everyone here seems to be fine.  The air they breathe is enough for them to exist. They exist in the world with no regard for others. They live for themselves,  and only in selected areas that would protect them. They often hide behind organizations, special interest groups, etc.   Nothing is real, family is highly fictional, like characters in Tom Clancy’s latest novel. They must practice the fake sincerity! Actors, impostors !

So I walk around each day breathing through this little hole.  This place contains just enough to keep a young Jun E lion going while the rest of the brain deteriorates. Some days I spend all day staring at the ceiling, and making friends with the shadows on the wall. From time to time walking around talking to myself in public. I know they all talk about me. They whisper to each other in their mediocre vernacular. I roar from time to time on my walk down Robeson road. Pretty soon they will come to get me, but they can’t catch me. I will be long gone before I allow myself to be converted. For now my heart continues playing the bass, as my lungs play the horns, and my brain takes the stage as the lead singer. They continue to overcome, and thrive in any environment, still  in search of a new venue. A new concert,  new beginnings is on the way.  I realized now that the plastic bag is my shield from mediocrity, and the hole, is the hope of the future. The hole represents the people, the young minds, the Jun E movement. The people who dare to be great and are not afraid to stand for whats right, no matter the cost.


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Two lungs screaming, ” We are too young to die”.  A heart that refuses to stop! A will that won’t relent until the vision is met. A brain that just keeps on creating and creating. We all have dreams in this world. We all hanker to be a part of something that is bigger than life.  We all look for the opportunity to be great. The opportunity to be a somebody. We all yearn for the opportunity to stand and be an expert in whatever we are good at. The dream!

The dictionary describes dreams as  a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep, however most of us are awake when dreaming. I dream about meeting people who have the infinite capacity of not knowing what cannot be done. I dream of a world of free thinkers that would rebel against the imprisonment of norms. People who will not be afraid to make their dreams become a reality. I dream about a world that dare’s to be Jun E and stop all the fighting! I dream of a world that is united and demands nothing but greatness of each other. I dream of a world that is not afraid to be just, and do whats right for our children. A world without boundaries. The interesting part is we are the only ones that have the power to acknowledge or dispel boundaries. A world that does not stifle creativity of our youth, and that allows everyone to be themselves. Throw away the cookie cutter. It does not belong here! We are all powerful and unique in our own way. I dream of a world that will give so much to improvement that we will not have time to criticize one another.

In the end our lives produce the collection of dreams we hold in the mind. We must handle them with love and care.  We must be willing to take risk on behalf of our dreams . I surmise that we all have dreams, some of us just wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. There is no such thing as the perfect opportunity. We must be bold enough to move forward and make it a reality. Tell next time keep dreaming, keep moving forward, keep creating, and dream as if you’ll live forever, and live as if you’ll die today”!

Jay Caniel

To Legend

In Thoughts on January 18, 2011 at 3:00 am

It was 1999! I found myself at home in the dark telling you about my family. I told you my favorite foods, and the things I like to do. I felt it then in that dark room. I bet it was glowing with the power of my love. As the road went on we hit a few bumps, a few detours. We saw a few concerts, went to a few museums. We played a few times in the snow and cried a few times outside C.E. Gaines Center. We fought a few times, bought a few cars and houses. Time went by for a few. Just a few. 11 years later here we are. Bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, bolder, beautiful and more innovative than ever. Although the world tells me we are older, I feel younger and more powerful than ever.

I love you! At times the word love is too weak to call on. Things are different now. It’s innate, biological, physiological. It’s pure, it burns like a California wild fire. I feel you like you were here wit me. I love you like my last now and later at age seven. It just happen to be watermelon. I smile, taking a deep breathe to catch myself from drowning.

My whole world changed when I met you. The air I breathe was now for two. I talked for two. I walked for two. I live for two. I even wore 22. It makes sense looking back now. Words are no justice for the feeling I now have inside.

I feel the power! That power created a beautiful child named Jun E Caniel, and believe me Nazir is on his way. I see his face all the time. He kind of looks like you. He is tall and a very distinguished young man. I love him! Back to you, mother earth the world has been waiting for a long time for you. I here them loud and clear. Legend! Legend! Legend!

The Power of Having Faith in Yourself

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I tell you, the road to greatness is one of persistence! The ones who dare to take this seldom traveled road must know from the start that it will be a fight. You must be committed to go all 12 rounds. In the beginning of this fight you will be heavily supported. As the fight within grows deeper, expect a major drop off in support.  When we are staggering against the ropes our corners seem to get smaller, while our opponents grow.  Between each rounds, the people who were there in the beginning start to set the script for the end.  They start saying, ” Maybe you should throw in the towel. You have had enough.  Maybe its time to change plans.”  The script! The interesting part is that we are the only ones who can write the script. We must begin with the end in mind, and cast out anything that tampers with the beautiful picture we have painted on the wall of our minds. The power that fuels our lives is in the thoughts that we process daily. Faith comes from hearing over and over again. The vibrations of sounds that we produce through speech eventually are deposited in our faith banks.   We must give ourselves no other options but to win the fight. The interesting part is the fight is won on the inside well before the match.

Faith and  love  are the most powerful of all positive emotions. When mixed together they possess infinite power.  Power that allowed man to walk on the moon. The same power created this very computer I’m typing on, or the wireless internet that is being used.   No one can stop us from getting to the painted canvas of our minds but us. So, remember when the road to greatness gets a little bumpy, the road inside is the one that really matters. We are able to alter any situation, even if it’s just altering our thoughts. Remember it’s all about what you think, and if you have faith in what you think, the rest of the world have no choice but to conform to your thoughts. Resolve today to be Jun E! We love you!

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