Jun E Caniel

The Power of Having Faith in Yourself

In Thoughts, Uncategorized on January 12, 2011 at 6:45 am

I tell you, the road to greatness is one of persistence! The ones who dare to take this seldom traveled road must know from the start that it will be a fight. You must be committed to go all 12 rounds. In the beginning of this fight you will be heavily supported. As the fight within grows deeper, expect a major drop off in support.  When we are staggering against the ropes our corners seem to get smaller, while our opponents grow.  Between each rounds, the people who were there in the beginning start to set the script for the end.  They start saying, ” Maybe you should throw in the towel. You have had enough.  Maybe its time to change plans.”  The script! The interesting part is that we are the only ones who can write the script. We must begin with the end in mind, and cast out anything that tampers with the beautiful picture we have painted on the wall of our minds. The power that fuels our lives is in the thoughts that we process daily. Faith comes from hearing over and over again. The vibrations of sounds that we produce through speech eventually are deposited in our faith banks.   We must give ourselves no other options but to win the fight. The interesting part is the fight is won on the inside well before the match.

Faith and  love  are the most powerful of all positive emotions. When mixed together they possess infinite power.  Power that allowed man to walk on the moon. The same power created this very computer I’m typing on, or the wireless internet that is being used.   No one can stop us from getting to the painted canvas of our minds but us. So, remember when the road to greatness gets a little bumpy, the road inside is the one that really matters. We are able to alter any situation, even if it’s just altering our thoughts. Remember it’s all about what you think, and if you have faith in what you think, the rest of the world have no choice but to conform to your thoughts. Resolve today to be Jun E! We love you!

  1. Good Stuff!!

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