Jun E Caniel

To Legend

In Thoughts on January 18, 2011 at 3:00 am

It was 1999! I found myself at home in the dark telling you about my family. I told you my favorite foods, and the things I like to do. I felt it then in that dark room. I bet it was glowing with the power of my love. As the road went on we hit a few bumps, a few detours. We saw a few concerts, went to a few museums. We played a few times in the snow and cried a few times outside C.E. Gaines Center. We fought a few times, bought a few cars and houses. Time went by for a few. Just a few. 11 years later here we are. Bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, bolder, beautiful and more innovative than ever. Although the world tells me we are older, I feel younger and more powerful than ever.

I love you! At times the word love is too weak to call on. Things are different now. It’s innate, biological, physiological. It’s pure, it burns like a California wild fire. I feel you like you were here wit me. I love you like my last now and later at age seven. It just happen to be watermelon. I smile, taking a deep breathe to catch myself from drowning.

My whole world changed when I met you. The air I breathe was now for two. I talked for two. I walked for two. I live for two. I even wore 22. It makes sense looking back now. Words are no justice for the feeling I now have inside.

I feel the power! That power created a beautiful child named Jun E Caniel, and believe me Nazir is on his way. I see his face all the time. He kind of looks like you. He is tall and a very distinguished young man. I love him! Back to you, mother earth the world has been waiting for a long time for you. I here them loud and clear. Legend! Legend! Legend!


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