Jun E Caniel

Lion in a Coffin

In Thoughts on January 22, 2011 at 7:56 pm

I take a deep breathe before I begin to muse within the coffin.  It’s like having a huge plastic bag covering your face with a little hole inside. It sticks to my lids like crazy glue. I’m sweating as my lungs begin to talk to each other. They ask me if its time to go. My heart  replies, ” We’re not there yet!  As the sweat runs down my neck and my blood begin to run like a marathon, my vital organs begin to communicate in ways I never knew.   My brain screams, “We are going to make it! This soothes my heart and compels it to keep drumming. Outside everyone here seems to be fine.  The air they breathe is enough for them to exist. They exist in the world with no regard for others. They live for themselves,  and only in selected areas that would protect them. They often hide behind organizations, special interest groups, etc.   Nothing is real, family is highly fictional, like characters in Tom Clancy’s latest novel. They must practice the fake sincerity! Actors, impostors !

So I walk around each day breathing through this little hole.  This place contains just enough to keep a young Jun E lion going while the rest of the brain deteriorates. Some days I spend all day staring at the ceiling, and making friends with the shadows on the wall. From time to time walking around talking to myself in public. I know they all talk about me. They whisper to each other in their mediocre vernacular. I roar from time to time on my walk down Robeson road. Pretty soon they will come to get me, but they can’t catch me. I will be long gone before I allow myself to be converted. For now my heart continues playing the bass, as my lungs play the horns, and my brain takes the stage as the lead singer. They continue to overcome, and thrive in any environment, still  in search of a new venue. A new concert,  new beginnings is on the way.  I realized now that the plastic bag is my shield from mediocrity, and the hole, is the hope of the future. The hole represents the people, the young minds, the Jun E movement. The people who dare to be great and are not afraid to stand for whats right, no matter the cost.


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