Jun E Caniel

Quiet Strength

In Thoughts on February 9, 2011 at 3:44 am

What  I find most inspiring is the strength people have, the tenacity.  Is it a coincidence that when we are on the very edge of one of the  greatest times of our lives, our lives become almost unbearable?  We begin to second guess and contemplate more devious ways to reach our goal.  We falter…only for a moment and try to find an easy out.   There is a driving force that bursts forth from within as a stifled or trapped breath would.  This strength is always present and usually shines in the darkest of times.  When we have seemingly lost it all and have no one to look to but God and ourselves, a stunning transformation takes place.  Our strength, which lay dormant is awakened and thrives in us.  We turn into superhuman beings.  We blossom into a powerful force that will never quit.  The power which pushes us to persevere is something on a higher level, something many cannot fathom.  It’s a quiet voice that urges us to take one more step and then another towards our goals.  The ability to to see past our present state to the inevitable rewards that wait for us just beyond the horizon is rare.  What a strength it is not to give up and walk, stride, trudge, crawl, roll, skip, run, leap forward!  What I am talking about is the strength to maintain composure and still keep going; to take a beating but stay on the path to success on your own terms!  I am amazed when I meet people with this strength.  It helps me recognize  my own strength.

There is something to be said about the oppressed.  What are they holding on for?  Shouldn’t they throw in the towel and give it up?  Why continue? Why fight?  Ah, but they fight for a prize most will never know exists.  Perhaps they realize their power and in fact, are not truly oppressed.  Oppression is in the mind.  If you believe you are oppressed then you truly are.  I encourage you to have the insight to think freely and recognize your strength.  Be an inspiration, if only to yourself and move forward toward your endeavors.  Revel in the happiness of knowing your own quiet strength.  There is no need to boast of it because it will always show through when needed.  It has nothing to prove.



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