Jun E Caniel

When Discouraged…

In Daily Inspiration on February 15, 2011 at 4:24 pm

Life is hard for those who dare to want more. It’s hard for those who will not except the status quo. It’s exceptionally more challenging for those who are courageous enough to believe and act on making their own stamp on life.  Although you will be challenged if you choose a life of legacy, the journey to triumph will be worth it. If you become discouraged on your road to greatness, think of Helen Keller, who was deaf, and blind but managed to inspire the world through her words.

Helen Keller is an exceptional example of someone who had an infinite capacity of not knowing what cannot be done. Helen Killer represents triumph of the human spirit over a physical handicap.  Today, decades after her death, she continues to uplift, restore, enlighten, and empower people to overcome in life. She is truly a beautiful reflection of humanity shining on us each day. A reflection that we must find a way to mirror to one another.  When discouraged, as we often times feel, look around you and you will begin to appreciate how fortunate you are. We must make sure our life plans include giving back to humanity without expecting anything in return. We must be altruistic, and not egotistic. We must live Jun E!


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