Jun E Caniel

A Winning Attitude :)

In Daily Inspiration on March 1, 2011 at 2:59 pm

A change in Attitude can change your life!

There is no surprise that the people who are farthest in life do more, and expect more than others. They have a winning attitude in everything that they do. This attitude comes from doing work that you are passionate about, a found purpose in life, a reason to live, a thankful and giving spirit etc.  These people make a habit of going the extra mile to do more than they are paid to do, and to do it willingly and cheerfully.  When you approach every task with a positive outlook and stick with the job until it is done, you have taken the first step toward determining your own future.

At first some may find this attitude difficult, however over time it will become a part of you. Soon after you will begin to realize the benefits that accrue to you because you are known as someone who always gives a little extra, you wouldn’t consider doing things any other way.  Everything we need to be successful is between our ears. We must develop our minds, by feeding it the right food and information. A winning attitude is contagious, so we must surround ourselves with people who possess this attitude and lifestyle.  A wise man once shared with me his keys to success. He said, ” make a decision and manage it daily.” ” Read everyday for your mind, pray everyday for your soul, and workout everyday for your body.” Until next time Jun E Caniel loves you!

Stay Jun E!

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  2. […] A Winning Attitude (junecaniel.wordpress.com) […]

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