Jun E Caniel


In Thoughts on March 17, 2011 at 9:05 pm

I love a lot about you all! I love your fearless and imaginative spirits. I love the fact that you haven’t grown up yet and have no intentions of being a “grown up”. I love your bold demeanor when it comes to stepping out and believing in yourself. I love that every time I look at my side you are there, no matter the circumstances. I love that you breathe faith, hope, and love into humanity. That everyday you wake up and dream of a better world.  I love the way that you question and defy the stagnation of our societies ideals in such a cunning way.  I love looking into your eyes, filled with endless opportunities. I love your strength and ability to overcome the mindset of the masses.  I love the way you give back to the world, by breathing your Jun E air into others. Forever going forward, and never taking a step back. I love you. You have continue to inspire me everyday. There are days I feel like giving in, but how could I, when I have to face you. You are so vast, vast as the endless ocean unnamed.

I love the way you speak of your dreams. So vivid and clear, inscribing a beautiful masterpiece on my mind. You move, talk, and exist with such passion. If your passion was energy, you could light the whole world with it. I love that we bonded on the bottom, and now I dream of us dancing with the stars on the top. One day! One day soon our dreams will manifest as we continue to unfold ourselves. We created a community of greatness, and now we are forced to sustain it. Forever young, forever dreamers, I look forward to getting much needed rest on that private jet.

  1. WOW!!! How beautiful. Love is certainly a gift from God.

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