Jun E Caniel

One Person Away

In Thoughts on March 19, 2011 at 5:35 am

I must say life is a beautiful thing, although at times challenging for most go-getters. You know, I can see why most people give in to society and settle on mediocre lives.  Few and far between have I met people who are in search to create their best self. I know one thing is for certain, at some point we all are dreamers. We all want to be great. Now how the journey ends, that’s another story. It is a long painstaking journey. On the way you will encounter many bumps and bruises. It’s hard! I will be the first to admit it, however there is just something inside of me that won’t allow me to be satisfied with the status quo. It’s something inside me that continues to see the world as it ought to be, and for some reason will not deviate. You can call me a dreamer like my sister often did, but I live to create a better world. I have dedicated my life to improving humanity and inspiring billions of people.

An old associate called me today and said, ” I am just one person away from being great”. I sit here at 12:44 am thinking about this statement.   After long deliberation I have to agree. I think we are all one person away from being great. So we spend most of our lives searching for this person. We dress up and go to meetings, hoping that we meet that one person that understands us, that one person to give us our big break. That one person who could fund our idea or business.  That person who will give us a job. That one person who might accept us for who we are. We search high and low, and we audition for TV shows in an effort to be discovered. It’s a rat race for those who want to get to the top, but compromise everything to get there.

We been searching for this person and the whole time we are that person.  The one person who happens to be the most important in the world has been with us since birth. We see the person everyday when we brush our teeth, or walk by mirrors in the mall.  I’m reminded tonight that in fact we all are one person away from greatness. That person is us! It’s who we are naturally…naturally great.

Jay Caniel

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