Jun E Caniel

Jun E Caniel Gives to Japan

In Jun E events, Jun E Gives on March 20, 2011 at 6:23 pm

Growing up in St. Thomas Virgin Islands I have been a part of two category 5 Hurricanes.  I have seen roofs taken up by the wind in front of my eyes. I have even witness logs of wood penetrating my window and blood shed as the result,  however I cannot fathom what the people of Japan are going through.  I’m unable to comprehend what it is like to live under rubble for days, hoping that someone comes to your rescue. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the people effected by the tsunamis. Jun E Caniel will continue to support the relief efforts in Japan.  Jun E Caniel is giving ten percent of monthly sales to the relief efforts of Japan. We ask that you join us along with the many people and companies who have given their prayers, love, money, and time.  We have listed organizations that you can donate to for the relief of Japan. Our actions, and thoughts are what make us human. We must reflect the correct image of humanity on each other. No matter what color, country, gender, or sexual orientation you are, we are connected. We are part of the beautiful human race. Be Jun E! Lend a helping hand in anyway that you can. If you can’t give, pray.





  1. Great stuff bro!

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