Jun E Caniel


In Daily Inspiration, Thoughts on April 4, 2011 at 4:56 am

Stepping out is not the easiest thing to do in a world of patterns. I realize most people will settle for the cookie cutter version of life and remain content to watch others go after big audacious dreams. I remember a time when my life was filled with many so-called friends, family and associates.  Everything appeared to be going great, however deep down inside I was settling. I remember the day I declared to the universe that no matter what, I was going to live my life from the inside out. I took a vow to stand for the things I believe in and fight mediocrity. Wow! The whole world changed. All of a sudden to me, my four degrees meant nothing. My so-called, worldly accomplishments meant nothing to me. To be honest, I can’t say that the degrees and job titles ever meant anything deep down inside. My mission as a kid was to be great, and spend my life empowering and improving everyone that I come in contact with. I vowed to create a life that would leave a legacy forever in this world. I vowed to find my true bliss and not make it fit into a particular job title. After all, we all are too great  to be captured by a menial title.  These uncompromising beliefs, faith, and passion to give have lead to me making decisions many would never make.  As I sit here now, I realize that the most important thing in life is knowing ourselves and living in our flow to fulfill our passions and dreams.

Our intentions rule our lives and determine the outcome.  The only thing that can stop us is us! We must learn to listen to that inner voice, and follow our flow in order to achieve the things we are suppose to. I think all of us have a purpose on this earth, and Jun E Caniel’s  mission is to influence and help people  achieve their greatness.  We challenge you to never settle for less at all cost.  If you are ever to achieve success in life, you must be willing to stand apart from the crowd. Success is something that is achieved by the minority, not the majority, of people.  If you have the courage of your convictions, nothing can deter you from your course.  You will develop confidence in your beliefs by doing your own thinking and by constantly testing and revising your knowledge.

We challenge you to embrace your “weirdness”, uniqueness, your originality.  It is what makes you different.  It sets you apart naturally.  It is who we were put on Earth by God to be…so why would you go against His plans and be someone else?   The truth is, going with the flow is really going against the grain.  Going with the true flow of things is going with who you are and what is important to you.  What an epiphany!  Conforming with the norm may seem easy, but really it isn’t.  When we conform and go against  what we want for ourselves, we slowly die a miserable death.  It’s much more fun to be Jun E and go with YOUR flow.  What you will find is that life will be so much easier.  The sea of the universe will part for you and you will find a grand space in which to reside happily, doing exactly what you want.  Now, that’s worth living for…that’s Jun E.


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