Jun E Caniel

Something in the Air

In Thoughts, Uncategorized on April 11, 2011 at 8:11 pm

…It’s a scent, a fragrance floating in the winds of change.  It stirs the dust of old memories and blows them away with a persistent gentleness.  It’s a feeling inside me.  My LION is getting hungrier and bolder.  It grows restless and demands more from life.  It makes my desires stronger and my strides sure.

I find that I lose myself in dreams of success.  I take more time to relish the outside air when it kisses my skin.  I watch my soul mate sleep with a slight smile on my lips.  Those same lips find their way to his forehead.  I am in a daze lately, but at the same time very alert.  My senses are very much alive and taking everything in that is good.  There’s something stirring inside…

It began as a whisper and has become a distinct voice inside my head.  It stirs my soul and causes me to have visions.  It motivates me to be the LION I am meant to be.  It demands that I strive toward my Jun E self.  For the first time in my life, I know I am walking in my purpose.  I can feel the presence of The Creator in and around me.  He guides me and I know He smiles at me.  I am not perfect however there is comfort in knowing I am living in The Creator’s will.  This knowing stirs a fearlessness that I’ve never experienced.  There’s a liberation, a revolution going on!  It speaks to those who are fortunate enough to hear the frequency on which it broadcasts.

There’s a stirring, a movement happening and it can be seen in the blowing limbs of trees in the wind.  It can be felt in the quickening of a heart beat.  A whisper tells all about it.  Pay attention to the signs.  What is The Creator telling you?  What is stirring inside you?

~T. Caniel~


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