Jun E Caniel

For the Love of Rocks

In Uncategorized on April 19, 2011 at 10:05 pm

As a child,  I always believed that seemingly inanimate objects actually had lives.  I believed they had feelings and thoughts just as humans do.  Each had a story to tell, especially things in nature such as trees, flowers, and rocks.  Staying true to my true nerdy self, I collected rocks.  I was a true rock hound and even the thought of discovering a new stone to add to my collection made me excited.  I still catch myself looking down when I’m walking outside, and I pick up rocks that catch my eye.  What I find interesting about rocks is the story they have.  What kinds of pressure and storms have they endured?  They are constantly out in the elements being weathered and formed and in some cases, even polished.  The things and times they have seen go back to the beginning of time.  If I could some how break one in half, I could see layers of earth captured inside… amazing!  At least to me it is amazing.

My point is that we are not unlike rocks and stones.  We endure different pressures and stresses.  We somehow survive the worst storms and yet we remain and come out even more lustrous than before.  Another layer has been added to our being, and another chapter added to our stories.  I had the privilege of being around some of my favorite people today.  They are a rambunctious group of mostly young men, and they each have their own layers.  What I love is when glimpses of a layer that has previously been hidden shows through.  Young men who are usually seen as dumb jocks are actually quite intelligent and sensitive people.  These rocks…oops I mean young men have skills and talents that many on the outside would never see.  I have seen what is inside them, and they are much more than they even realize. We all have a treasure inside us that glitters and shines when revealed, just like the rocks in my collection.

  1. I love the analogy you make between rocks and people. I think its interesting just how much we have inside, just waiting to be unleashed. We are tough, durable and strong like a rock. I must admit, I also collected rocks and to this day I pick up an occasional one when it catches my nerdy eyes. 🙂

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