Jun E Caniel

New Radicals

In Daily Inspiration, Thoughts on April 22, 2011 at 2:45 pm

I feel it! There is a new breed of lions out there.  There is a new pride of Lions living to unleash everything that’s within themselves. Living life with a purpose and on purpose. I love it! I had the pleasure of watching one of these young lions in person. I must admit, its a lot better than watching it on the discovery channel. He was fierce, bold, driven, tough, and had one thing on his mind.  Success!  Nothing was going to stop him. Not even a whole university filled with people on their own agenda. Even with the cards stacked against him with no basketball goal, no ball, no cord, and an international festival going on in the gym, nothing was going to stop him from being great!

It’s inspiring to be around a pride like this one. It’s humbling to know you have helped awaken, and polish this type of creature. I live everyday to see more and more of this go-getter attitude. The attitude that states we can all have a piece of the pie, and work together to be the best we can. Life has been beautiful to me. It’s a different feeling when you are filled with purpose every single minute of each day. I recommend it to everyone. I’m proud there are new hungry Jun E Lions out there, and if your not careful soon they will be all over the world. I challenge you to inspire someone today to be great! We are determined to live our lives and forever cultivate this culture of greatness throughout the world. That is the legacy of Jun E Caniel.  Be Jun E!


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