Jun E Caniel

Kendale Rice is so Jun E!

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E events, Jun E Gives on May 29, 2011 at 3:09 pm

We are truly inspired by your lives. We created Jun E Caniel to help people realize their own greatness and power. We want people to be social activist, and freely express themselves intellectually and artistically. That’s Jun E Caniel! This past week in Dallas we were fortunate enough to meet many inspirational people. We are always energized by people who appreciate our cause and art. We are energized because we love humanity and we seek to drastically improve it.  We would love to thank Kendale Rice for all of her support and kind words. We would love to say congratulations on your new job, and stay Jun E! Kendale Rice lives in Forth Worth, TX. She is one of the most Jun E people we have met.  Her twitter says,” Needless to say, I am but a student of life who finds beauty in all things especially people and music.“  Life is about surrounding yourself with the right people with the right attitude. Our attitude determines where we will end up ultimately.  Kendale Rice’s existence  makes the world a better place. She lives life to the fullest and supports causes that will improve humanity.  Thank you for joining the Jun E Movement and thank you for lighting up our Jun E world with your smile and energy.

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude!”



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