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Your Ability

In Daily Inspiration on June 29, 2011 at 11:12 am

When you study the lives of very successful people, you will find that they seldom climb to the top of their business or professions and stay there. They often climb to the top and fall to the bottom several times during their careers, but they know that the one thing that got them where they are is their ability. Ability will always be there to help you reach back up to the top again.  Your ability is the one thing that you own exclusively; no one can ever take it from you.

The Climb to Greatness

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 28, 2011 at 10:52 pm

The going is always hard on the road to greatness. If success was easy to achieve , everyone would achieve it.   There will be many days that you feel like giving up.  The road will never be easy!  You cannot afford to quit. Even when the road gets tough and the sacrifices are great, don’t quit.  You must be willing to pay the price of achieving your dreams.  True Thoroughbreds never quit. Competition only spurs them, and obstacles merely reinforce their determination to succeed. If you have not yet achieved greatness in your life, it is because you have been willing to settle for less.  You may not cross the finish line first every time you try, but you stay in the race, you will eventually prevail.Remember,  victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.  If you make the decision to tap into your greatness, you must burn all options of retreat.  Take a chance on yourself, after all people spend their whole lives taking chances on other peoples businesses. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Find out your purpose, and what you want out of your life. Develop a plan and stick to it with the persistence of a postal stamp. Don’t just dream, live into your dreams! See you at the top!

Ladies, Mind Your Business!

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Gives, Thoughts on June 24, 2011 at 1:07 am

Ladies, mind your own business!  I mean this not in regard to gossip (although some of you need to learn to avoid that as well), but in regard to minding the business of YOUR life, goals, dreams, aspirations, etc.  I have been talking to friends of both genders lately, and I see a trend of women (young and old) minding everyone’s business but their own.

What I mean is that we women tend to support and nurture everyone’s dreams but our own.  We throw ourselves into making sure we are there for our significant others, we are super woman to our kids, and we slave at our 9 to 5.  We put pressure on ourselves to be everything, but what do we do for ourselves?  Surely we cannot expect getting our hair and nails done to be enough to sustain us? We need internal maintenance as well.

Ladies, we have to mind our own dreams and goals.  We have to invest in ourselves spiritually and mentally.  It is our responsibility to successfully maintain our individual lives.  We are also responsible for OUR happiness.  Despite popular belief, our precious happiness is in our own hands.  Though it is not easy, we can find a balance and we can make time to achieve our individual goals and find our happiness. It can be as simple as taking up a new hobby that fulfills a need to be creative or volunteering for a cause that is dear to you.

You are not much good to anyone else if you have nothing going on for yourself.  Women all over the world are socialized to put their dreams on hold to support the seemingly more important goals of men. I have been guilty of the same things.  I’ve readily put my own search for my purpose on hold so that I could be most supportive to my husband.  While his priority was finding himself and working on his own goals, mine was to be the “best wife” I could be to him.  Never mind that I had no individual purpose or direction in my life.  I was a shell because I had reduced myself to being a wife and nothing more.  What then, was I bringing to the table?  I was puppet of my own making.  I felt void, empty.

Before I can be the best anything to anyone else, I have to be the best Tiya.  The same goes for you.  This is not always easy because I am still learning how to successfully wear and interchange my different hats, however I find contentment in knowing I am pursuing my own goals and dreams as well.  Nothing can take that away.  In the slim chance my marriage does not work and I lose all of my loved ones and possessions, I know I will be fine because I know who I am and what I am purposed for in this world.  With this self-knowledge I am able to be a better artist, wife, sister, friend, business woman, mentor, and whatever else I decide to be.

I implore that you make it a point to put yourself first, and do NOT apologize.  Men do it all the time and you never hear an apology or admittance of guilt or regret.  Ladies and Jun E women, if you do not put yourself first, no one else will.  Until next blog, stay Jun E and love yourself enough!

T caniel

Why Wait ?

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 14, 2011 at 4:55 pm

When you know what you want and how you expect to earn it, life will agree to your terms, not the other way around.  Resolve today to formulate a plan for your life, instead of waiting for one to fall in your lap.  Put together a plan of all the things you want to accomplish in life, don’t waste another minute.  When you have definiteness of purpose fueled by a burning desire to reach your objectives, nothing can stand in your way.  Don’t wait around waiting for life to happen to you. Make it happen! Unleash yourself into the world, we are all waiting to see the magic you will produce.  Be Jun E! Unleash it!

Turning problems into Success

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 10, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Anytime you are faced with a difficult problem, stop and ask yourself: ” What is the opportunity in this problem?” It’s through solving problems we become successful. when you find an opportunity, you will be far ahead of your competitors.  Our world today offer limitless opportunities for achievement. In every walk of life there are innumerable opportunities to invent new products, to improve manufacturing and administrative processes, and to offer better service than the competitor down the street.  We must trained ourselves to see opportunities clearly and seize them before they go away.

The next time you run into a difficult problem, remember that a greater opportunity is present. Those who solve the most problems are the riches, and the most powerful people in our world. Resolve today to be a problem solver.  Success is more of a process than an event.  Great success is achieved after a long string of small successes . Be Jun E!

Risk of Success

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 9, 2011 at 4:16 pm

To be successful, means to take major risk! There is no one under the sun successful who didn’t have the courage to take risk on themselves.  You must take a chance by investing your time, money, and effort.  We must take amble time to discover who we really are and what we want out of life. It pays to be thoughtful and deliberate in your analysis of opportunities, but don’t let timidity hold you back.

Take a chance on yourself! So many people put their time and effort into other companies and people, only to neglect the gold that they have inside them. Life is about finding your music and delivering it to people that need it. Your music is your bliss, talent, desires, and love. Have the courage to step out. What use is it if you do not put them to use?  You will recognize opportunity only to the extent that you are willing to consider risking your time, money, and effort.  Being confident gives you the courage to face risk and act when opportunity arises.  Remember, no one on earth is going to force success upon you; you find it only to the degree that you actively seek it out. Be Jun E! Unleash it!

Opportunity: The Jun E Way

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 8, 2011 at 11:17 am

The world is filled with people wishing and hoping for a better life. Most people don’t hear opportunity knock at the door because they were down at the convenience store buying lottery tickets.  Luck is the residue of design.  You will be surprised how much your luck will improve when you make sure you are prepared to take advantage of opportunities.

It’s far too often people have great idea’s and never act upon them, only to discover later that someone used the same idea to start a business, get a promotion, or find a better job.  We must stop procrastinating in order to improve success rates. Make your mind up today to take action on anything good, and pure that comes to your mind.  Don’t wait for something to happen! Make it happen! Don’t watch whats happening on TV! Be what’s happening. That’s the Jun E way.

Leaders of the New School

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 6, 2011 at 3:11 pm

I recently went back to Clay County, FL to watch some Jun E young men graduate from high school. It was nostalgic to say the least. I remember when I first met all of you. All young, feisty, intelligent, cunning, hardworking, and driven young men. Just thinking about how far you all have come, brings tears of joy to my eyes. I always believed in everyone of you, and most importantly you all believed in yourselves and each other. At this moment, I am smiling from ear to ear thinking about the great memories we share. Marcus Mccann, the young hardworking, persistent lefty who played his heart out. Now he will take that same intensity into orthodontist  school. Mccann, we are very proud of you! Ulysses Tobler possesses a smile and soul that will light up the world. He is a very hard worker. I even remember when I threw you out of practice. Now Tobler is attending college in West Virginia, and playing football. Jared Singletary, a quiet, soft spoken, intelligent , and very talented young man. Jared has just earned a scholarship to Middle Tennessee State, and we look forward to seeing you some day play pro ball. We can never forget about the spastic Kyle Rivers. Kyle once flipped out in a game, and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Kyle is honest, possesses great character, intelligence, and humor.  Now Kyle serves the country in the military. Then there is Matt Kenny, the man that was always in the middle of everything. We called him “bird”. Matt, very in inquisitive, forward thinking, hardworking , and at most times mischievous in a good way. Matt attends RIT, and is a future billionaire.  Andre Lafontant, kind, loving, brilliant, and hardworking. It wasn’t always easy coaching Andre, because he is my nephew, which created more pressure on him. Andre now attends Williams College in Massachusetts. He plans to own the New York Knicks and he will. Ricky Estrada, driven, visionary, tough, self disciplined, and hardworking. I remember all the time we spent in the gym at 5:00 a.m. They are going to pay off.  Ricky is on his way to play college basketball. There are many more, but these are just a few of the great young people we have had the privilege of meeting. You all have enriched our lives. We exist to improve humanity, and we thank you for all the time, laughs, cries, and memories we have shared together.

You all have an opportunity of a lifetime.  Opportunity must be created. If you approach your jobs and careers with enthusiasm you will always find plenty of opportunities, while those who complain about no one ever giving them a chance are merely observers of life.  Resolve today to be the best!  Make sure that you make each day a masterpiece and live each day as if it was your last. We love you. Be Jun E! Be Great!

Opportunity on my mind. Jun E!

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 2, 2011 at 12:45 pm

“Being broke is temporary!” “Being poor is a state of mind!” Whether you see opportunities or limitations is entirely within your control. It’s amazing and refreshing to know that the way you view the world is a reflection of your mental attitude. If you focus on your inadequacies, you will be plagued by fear, doubt, and failure, but when you focus on your strengths, you will find courage, confidence, and success.  Remember, your strength are your assets. They are what set you apart from the rest of the world.

Self-confidence can replace self-doubt only by deliberate, planned effort. A good strategy for those who doubt themselves is to pause, and review your previous accomplishments. One success can lead to a lifetime of success. Identify every experience that might be helpful to you in your present situation. When you apply the knowledge and wisdom you have accumulated, there are few limitations that you cannot overcome. Be Jun E! Be Great!

What do you See? Opportunity!

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 1, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Opportunity has a  funny way of stalking people who can recognize it and is ready to embrace it.  It’s interesting how some people can see opportunities, while others only see problems.  What do you see? We must train our minds to seek out opportunities, and we will surely find that everyday presents us with more opportunities than we can take advantage of.  They will appear around you. Instead of you seeking opportunities, they will seek you out.  Then your biggest problem will be choosing the best one.

The first step to making sure you are ready to recognize opportunities when they occur is to make sure you have a clear understanding of your own core competencies.  Have a clear understanding of your strength and weakness. Act as if you were reviewing the credentials of a total stranger.  Knowing yourself is the most critical step in recognizing opportunities, which will ultimately lead you to a successful life.   Identify the areas your the best in and those where you need improvement.  Focus on your strengths, because they are your greatest assets.  Find out what you are designed to do! Find out what you do that is better than anyone in the world!  Then create a vision and live into it like you have never lived before. I guarantee you will have more opportunities than you can shake a stick at.  Be Jun E! Go get it!

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