Jun E Caniel

What do you See? Opportunity!

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on June 1, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Opportunity has a  funny way of stalking people who can recognize it and is ready to embrace it.  It’s interesting how some people can see opportunities, while others only see problems.  What do you see? We must train our minds to seek out opportunities, and we will surely find that everyday presents us with more opportunities than we can take advantage of.  They will appear around you. Instead of you seeking opportunities, they will seek you out.  Then your biggest problem will be choosing the best one.

The first step to making sure you are ready to recognize opportunities when they occur is to make sure you have a clear understanding of your own core competencies.  Have a clear understanding of your strength and weakness. Act as if you were reviewing the credentials of a total stranger.  Knowing yourself is the most critical step in recognizing opportunities, which will ultimately lead you to a successful life.   Identify the areas your the best in and those where you need improvement.  Focus on your strengths, because they are your greatest assets.  Find out what you are designed to do! Find out what you do that is better than anyone in the world!  Then create a vision and live into it like you have never lived before. I guarantee you will have more opportunities than you can shake a stick at.  Be Jun E! Go get it!

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