Jun E Caniel


In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on July 16, 2011 at 5:12 pm

One of the great mysteries of life is why some people who seem to have all the advantages, the right connections, education, and experiences never seem to amount to much while others who have had to struggle for everything, have managed to reach incredible heights of success.  Is it determination? If you have the will to succeed, and the fortitude to follow through on your dreams, you will find a way to be successful regardless of the obstacles you encounter. 

Do you use all of your assets to achieve your goals, or you handicapped by your lack of ambition?   You are responsible for creating your desire to be successful.  With the right motivation, and desire you will see things all around you that will help you reach your objectives, things that you may have overlooked many times before.


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