Jun E Caniel

A Text, Bike Ride, Ma’s Voice, & Legend

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Thoughts on September 1, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Life is hard! Especially when your forging your own identity in the world.  Have you ever felt like stopping?  Have you ever felt like giving up? The last couple days have been very interesting for me. I naturally place a lot on myself, and when I don’t live up to it, I become very coarse with myself.  I guess we all have our moments. The question is what do you do at these moments?  We must re-focus ourselves. This is the reason why a strong purpose, desire, and good environment are essential keys to success. Life and death resides in a decision.

Decide today to live your wildest dreams! Decide today to be the perfect you!  You see, I burned all my bridges crossed, so there is no chance of retreat. I decided to work everyday towards the life I created in my mind. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.  I feel like everyone has this greatness inside them! How many of you are willing to risk your comfort to discover it?  Life is about the choices you make. Each choice distinctly leads us to a different ending. I will see you at the top!

Jay Caniel

I would love to thank all the people who have inspired me during the course of my life. I thank God for orchestrating everything, and allowing me to do great things in the world.

  1. “…and you will fly young man, immortally sun burnt to that land, a final assault on the pestilence of gold.” -VK- stay Jun E never cease your ultimate pursuit to change the universe. The world is a better place because you wake up & create!

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