Jun E Caniel

Mastermind behind Jun E Muse AKA: The Singing Lady Design

In Art, Culture, Daily Inspiration, ECO-Friendly, Fashion, T-Shirts on October 2, 2011 at 4:19 pm

As owner of my own business, I love what I do.  I love being my own boss and being the master of my time.  The thing I love most is exploring and developing my creativity.  I get to take an idea and develop it and make it manifest as a t-shirt design.  Some ideas take longer to develop than others.  The longest I have ever spent on a design was several weeks.  I was not working on the design 24/7 but it took a long time to make it into something I thought was presentable.  Her name is Jun E Muse and we often refer to her as “The Singing Lady”. 

I drew her over a year before we decided to truly commit to Jun E Caniel.  When I did the shading, I decided to keep her in graphite and colored the vibes she was putting out.  Those vibes represent her positive influence on the world.  They represent the inspiration she gives others, thus her official title of “Jun E Muse”.  She is singing, reciting, declaring whatever it is you need to hear to be inspired and motivated. We always thought she would make a nice t-shirt design.  Now, the question was how would I get this into Adobe Illustrator?  That was a painstakingly tedious task.  I used tracing paper to trace and transfer the image onto a sheet of marker paper.  During that process I decided to change the Muse’s hair to form more of an Afro.  I figured this would add more symmetry to the piece… I then took photo after photo of this picture and played with lighting in the office until I had a photo that would look fine in Adobe Illustrator.


From there, I began to edit it and play around with colors.  I played with all kinds of color combinations until I came up with the one that I felt should be the first edition of Jun E Muse.  The great thing is that I am still playing around with and tweaking this particular piece.  You can definitely expect to see variations of the Muse in the very near future.

That’s the beauty of Jun E Muse.  She changes and adapts with the times.  She can be whatever you need her to be to inspire you.  Jun E Muse is your inspiration to be just as Jun E as you can be!

Stay Jun E, my people.  Be inspired

Designer:  T. Caniel

Be sure to check out http://www.jcaniel.com for more of our work.

  1. Keep the movement up!! Be True to the game

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