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Random Thoughts on Serving

In Jun E Gives, JUN E LOVE, Thoughts on October 12, 2011 at 9:55 pm

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”
-Albert Schweitzer

I find this to be true.  My greatest moments of joy these days come from those during which I am serving others.  I was asked a series of questions today by a college student about my volunteerism and service to the community.  He had to interview someone who serves the community.  These questions were interesting to me because I had not given much thought to how rewarding serving others is for me.  Nor had I really taken time to acknowledge my own “philosophy about volunteerism”.  Serving my local and global communities have been a part of my life for several years.  It is something I do for fun and something I do when it is needed.

Our company is centered around making a positive impact in our world by helping others in a variety of ways, including community service.  What most people do not realize is that community service has been a way of life for Jay and I for much longer than Jun E Caniel, Inc. has existed.  It was something we did as individuals before we even met 13 years ago.  I grew up seeing my mother serve and seeing other relatives serve.  I was given the choice as a child to do the same, and I chose to do it because it seemed like the right thing to do and it gave me a way to occupy those summer months in Washington D.C..  I served when I was younger, sometimes reluctantly, but I always felt good at the end of the day for giving my time.  Back then I did not fully understand the impact I was having, nor did I understand the foundation which was being laid.  All of the volunteering I had done as a child and teenager was preparing me for a lifetime of service and giving.  It prepared me for a bull like Jay, who requires nothing less than giving freely of myself to others in need.  🙂  It equipped me with the tools needed to recruit and lead others in this Jun E Movement as we continue to spread our message of love.

What better way to show love than to give of your time?  Time is after all, our most valuable asset.  What a gift to give someone!  What’s more, it feels so Jun E to give and serve.  Have you been so kind as to share your time with another lately?  Have you been able to get down off your pedestal to be a catalyst for positive change in your community by helping solve problems instead of complaining?  Get out there!  Add value to your life!  Be Jun E and give a little or a lot.  It does not matter how much you give as long as you give.  Giving a little is fine because there is always someone like myself who can help out and be a fill-in, but we cannot do it by ourselves.

“In doing your best serving others for free, a lot of eyebrows will raise and sneers will curve many a-faces. But in the end those incredulous to what you put up with to help, no longer matter. It’s not between you and those snobs, but with whom you have given your hand to lift, and of course to God who Is watching and noting it in your book.”  Mother Theresa (paraphrased)

Giving is a very Jun E thing!

~T. Caniel~


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