Jun E Caniel

Another Jun E Chapter Begins…

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One Saturday I woke up early and worked out in the fitness facility in my hotel in Savannah, GA.  By the time I had finished my workout around 8:30 am, I was a boutique owner.  That’s how fast life can change.  Jay called me to inform me that we had secured a space for our first Jun E Caniel store in Fayetteville, NC.  My eyes immediately filled with tears but I kept my composure until I was off the phone and in the bathroom preparing for my shower.  Once I was alone, I cried and I thanked the Creator for such a blessing.

As we patiently wait for the current tenant to officially move out of the space, we are making plans for this newest venture.  We are doing research and brainstorming ideas for our Jun E space 24/7.  Minds are constantly filled with ideas and more things to add to our never-ending “To Do” lists.  Jay calls me on the phone and randomly throws out ideas while I quietly make notes of my own.  I imagine that waiting for the birth of our first child will be similar.  We are anxious and excited.

There’s a new level of urgency in our Jun E air and we are carefully planning for the physical manifestation of a vision that is only one year old.  Less than one year ago we sold our very first Jun E Caniel bags and shirts, our very first purchase.  That was on October 30, 2010.  My, has Jun E Caniel grown since then!  It’s crazy!!!

What if we had never taken a chance on ourselves or our dreams?  What if we had never decided to commit to Jun E Caniel?  I cannot imagine our lives without it.  Thus far, this company has allowed us to touch so many people, as well as become more in tune with ourselves.  Jun E Caniel continues to blossom and transform in ways we could only see in our heads.  It is only right that we continue to stretch our imaginations and let the Creator work to help our visions for this company take us further and further.

It is such a blessing to see this baby grow.  I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds.  Thanks to all you Jun E people out there for your support!  Jun E Nation forEver!

~T. Caniel~

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