Jun E Caniel

Fashion Friday at Jun E Caniel Boutique: February 24, 2012

In Culture, ECO-Friendly, Fashion, JUN E LOVE on February 24, 2012 at 9:22 pm

Today is #fashionfriday here in Jun E Land 😉 !  Let’s see what our illustrious founders are rockin’ on this warm and stormy Friday.

Let’s start with the legendary first lady, Ms. Tiya “Legend” Caniel.

Tiya steppin' lively in cowboy boots...

She was feelin’ a little breezy this morning when she picked out her Jun E navy blue tank dress and picked up the coral in the logo with her handmade bracelets and earrings.

Jun E Fit and Handmade Jewelry by Tiya

The whole outfit is pulled together with a sleeveless white burnout throw-over and Tiya’s favorite camel cowboy boots.  And let’s not forget her white feather earrings (yes handmade by Tiya and sold in Jun E Caniel Boutique).

Our spirited co-owner, Mr. Jay Caniel is wearing a navy blue Jun E v-neck t-shirt, grey light weight cargos, and his fuchsia colored R.L. sneakers add some “pop”  to his otherwise muted outfit.

Jay rockin' the fuchsia sneaks...

He also sports a multi-colored plaid fabric belt that pulls the outfit together very nicely.  Jun E bands on each wrist add more subtle flashes of color as well.

Jay sportn Jun E

Both Tiya and Jay seem to effortlessly put together Jun E outfits that reflect their casual, but classic style while feeding their natural desire to stand out from the crowd.  And although they are not sportin’ the Jun E brand on their feet, you’ve gotta love their shoe games.


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