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Why You Have To Be Crazy to Win Big (Elite Daily)

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You absolutely must be crazy. Crazy enough to believe you can amass a worth of tens of billions of dollars while helping millions of people along the way. Transforming your daydreams from delusions of grandeur to an insane reality requires that the world casts you out as the crazy one.

 Our society aims to categorize the misfits, outcasts, trouble makers, and loud talkers, and label their potential greatness as craziness. The individuals that do not belong in the confines of normalcy should not be awarded or motivated to take their unique qualities to create some kind of greatness  Society awards those who stay within the boundaries with smiley face stickers as children and corporate bonuses as adults. As a child conforming to the standards of academic diligence in elementary school, you’re well on your path to obtaining good grades in high school to get into a “good” college, only to ensure that you’re the best and brightest in your field and can easily fill a predetermined role for the rest of your life.

 The crazy misfits are the genius individuals who change our world simply because of the fact that they believe in themselves. Don’t respect the status quo. The Elite have grown tiresome of constantly being rational. It’s time to bet on my success, despite the odds. It’s time to politely ignore those who dissuade me (even though they will use perfectly sound logic and rational thinking to argue against me). It’s time to develop effective action plans and see them through as if my life depended on it. Even if I don’t make it through to the successful side, I will have infused my life with purpose and can know for the rest of my life that I gave it my all.

 Don’t fear change. Often times the path of life that is created by cultural standards sets a rigid set of limitations on individuals. Any one who dares step outside the lines of the status quo is branded as being crazy or an outcast. This labeling could not be any farther from the truth physically, verbally, or psychologically. The fear that those have for anyone who is unlike the rest brings about a great deal of abuse. For the purposes of this post, let’s define crazy as someone who possesses, for better or for worse, a view of themselves and the world that doesn’t stay true to reality, as objectively measured by statistics and probabilities.

 So the craziness I am referring to in the scope of personal development is believing that you will succeed even when every rational statistician would bet against you. Craziness is when your odds are 1/1,000,000, but you choose to fight for what you want anyway – when you’ve failed 999 times before, but you believe that attempt #1,000 will be the one that changes your life.  Whether your goal is to find true love, start a successful company, or change the world, those who are insistent on being “real,” “rational,” or “correct” are the ones who are dooming themselves to fail from the start.

 Could you imagine if every guy were given the exact odds that they’ll meet someone who is perfect for them? It would simply dissuade and discourage, rather than help. I know of many friends who prefer to think along the lines of, “destiny will bring me the person that is right for me, so I must keep looking.” Even though that attitude isn’t grounded in science or realistic probabilities, it is that kind of attitude that often keeps the hopeful person in the game for much longer than any rational person would. And staying in the game is the only way you will ever meet the right person. Furthermore, this idea leads to an interesting conclusion:

 A belief grounded in non-reality can oftentimes be the reason you achieve real results when “rational” people don’t even bother because the odds are so low. Change is only accomplished by maintaining a crazy view of the world – and the ability to succeed in it – and by being able to wake up every day with enough hope to get themselves through to the next day.

 Imagine an entrepreneur woke up every morning and reviewed the failure rate of all start-up businesses in his industry. Imagine a war hero woke up every morning and reviewed how many comrades have died in the war he was fighting, and his own chances for survival. These reality checks are just not conducive to fighting the good fight. And they never will be as long as we are emotional creatures that rely on fact.

You have two choices you can make in any endeavor. The first is to be realistic, rational, and honest with yourself and choose to not pursue it (or at least limit how much time you spend on it) because you don’t have what it takes to see it through.  The other choice is to pursue it with such ferocity and fire, and believe that you have what it takes to become the best in the world. Most of your choices should be the former – no one in the world has the time or the ability to pursue everything with such passion and drive. But it becomes an issue when you don’t apply the latter to any of your goals.

 Stop reading right now, and ask yourself: Which endeavor in my life am I going to pursue with a crazy, unmitigated ferocity? And can I promise myself that I will work at it until I’m the best in the world? Have you identified a goal or endeavor that is important enough to you to meet the requirements in the question above? If not, some soul searching will do you good. Life is less enjoyable without purpose behind your actions.  If you identified a goal that’s immensely valuable to you, take it from Will Smith: Being realistic is the surest route to mediocrity. So be unrealistic. Be irrational, and even be slightly crazy. It’s those slightly distorted beliefs about your ability to succeed that will push you past the horribly discouraging failure and lack of results that all high-achievers experience until you break through to the successful side. Just link that crazy attitude with a solid plan and a worthwhile purpose and you’re ready to go.

It’s not as simple as saying you are going to dominate a market and become a global leader. You have to anticipate demand and have exquisite timing. You will be battling uphill to establish the product and grow the business. Above all else, you need conviction, and that conviction, combined with the audacity to take on the world, will lead some to conclude that you’re crazy. And hopefully you are.



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