Jun E Caniel

Thankful Thursday

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2012 at 3:57 pm

Today is a new day! Another chance to get it right and make a positive difference in someone’s life!  Here at Jun E Caniel, we are extremely Jun E thankful for vision.  The Creator has given us a great vision for our company.  Today marks the start of a new era for us.  The vision we have becomes clearer each day and it is more evident than ever what our place in this world will be.  Image

The initial idea of Jun E Caniel was quite simple.  We wanted to create comfortable, sustainable clothing to showcase our art.  The idea then grew into something more meaningful.  We would use our company as a catalyst for change, one person at a time.  It only takes one, right? Our vision for Jun E Caniel has grown so much and we are so excited! Our vision propels us when things seem impossible! It makes us fearless in our efforts. It gives us a definite purpose for doing what we do at Jun E Caniel.  We are truly thankful.  

What about you? What is one thing you are thankful for on this Thankful Thursday?

Until next time, be Jun E. Be great!


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