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The Jun E Misfits

In Daily Inspiration, Journal, Motivational Speaking, Thoughts on October 5, 2012 at 2:11 pm

As I look into the eyes of our youth, I see hope, I see people who want to be great. I have discover that no 0ne really wants to be mediocre. I have observed adults that go through the motion and kids act as if they do not care. I realize everyone cares if they are given a reason. Most people are just living, waiting to hear approval from someone close to them. We have to instead teach people to live for themselves and make decisions that will make them happy! Only then will we start to move towards greatness or our Jun E! People are like houses, just waiting to be built up, waiting to find that someone who takes the time to build the foundation. They are waiting for hope, love, discipline, and leaders. The leader is within them, but undiscovered. Shame on us if we don’t find a way to uplift, restore, and empower all the beauty walking the streets. I sit back and see all this talent waiting to be molded like clay, but we seem scared to pick it up, and take it upon ourselves to mold. Instead we watch and judge and say, ” That’s not my clay.” The clay belongs to all of us, but who is strong enough to take it on?

Let’s build teams! Let’s build teams that will allow us to accomplish things and give life to others. Let’s be brave enough to pick up clay and mold it. Let’s  not think about just ourselves, but make sure our fellow man has the same opportunities. Let’s learn to look for talent and not judge people!  Let’s be hero’s, even if it’s  for just one day. They’re waiting for us to step up. If we don’t step up, what do we really expect to change?  To all our youth! … Jun E loves you!

Jay Caniel

  1. Your thoughts and actions continue to amaze me! I love gleaning all of your inspiration and can only hope that I can dream and bring to life my dreams as you are!

  2. I like this idea but working in a field where all I do is help improve the lives of others I have come to appreciate no matter how much you want for some they just don’t see it. Sometimes, the best way to uplift is to create an environment where that individual can grown and find that beauty for themselves. We all define this differently and sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is let them fail so they can learn and grow.

    • As a leader you will always see others potential before they do. That’s a gift that you are given. It is also a challenge to influence or like you said create that environment where an individual can grow. Matt they might not see it when you do, but I assure you they will soon see life through the eyes of the leader. There is no doubt that you are a Jun E leader.. Much success to you. .See you at the top!

  3. “Shame on us if we don’t find a way to uplift, restore, and empower all the beauty walking the streets.” Powerful and so true.

  4. Agreed. Not all will allow themselves to be built up, but there are many who will. Many of those only need someone to give them a foundation and believe in them. You’re absolutely right – we have to teach people to invest in themselves. I have a plan – it’s slow moving, but moving forward. And I hope to release a whole generation of potential greatness. Great post.

  5. Reblogged this on isomKuade and commented:
    Great post from Jay Caniel. Recognize. Nurture. Watch them flourish.

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