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Becoming yourself….. Jun E!

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Jun E Caniel “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”  Who are you? You ever take a minute in silence to figure out who you are. How are you defined? Why do you do the things you? Is it because your brother, father, mother, sister, uncle, or friend do it? Why? I have discovered that most people do not know themselves. Scared of their own shadows,  they would rather live in societal shadows instead of stepping out into the sunshine of leadership and originality.   Why not Jun Estep out and create your own shadow?  Soak up the greatness of being who you really are without apologies?  Others are constantly searching for things, people, words, and societal doodads to define them.  You do not need those things!  Bombarded with traditions, and other people’s perceptions that imply that “something must be wrong with me”, we turn away from our true selves and fall into place with the ordinary shadows/shells of people who pursue to be nothing more than mediocre.  They are only following the made up perception that they were given, but they have so much more to offer. It is startling Jun E Caniel at times the depths of the things a person will do to feel loved, cool and wanted, when the answer seems so simple.  We are all in search of our own significance, and it stares us in the face when we hurriedly give ourselves a once-over in the bathroom mirror before rushing to our pressing mediocrity.  Life and the beautiful discovery of yourself are hard yet worthwhile. Why take the detour through The Land of Shadows? Be yourself, as God has made you and love that person.

Back to the Basics

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We’ve been getting back to the basics here in Jun E Land.  Those late nights spent working on our craft have returned with a renewed passion.  This is how it all started!  It feels good to be back on track, making sure strides toward our vision with our heads in the clouds.  There’s a rhythm in our steps.  There’s fire burning inside us and we fuel it with hard work and faith.

In the beginning, the late nights were necessary, just as they are now.  When the space outside is clear and no one else is awake, there are startling moments of clarity in the sounds of night and early morning.  We birth new ideas and form greater bonds with ourselves and with one another.  One creates with lines and colors, while the other paints pictures with his words.  a back_to_basics_There is peace in this process as we work side by side in our element during the silence of the night.  Only the sounds of creation remain fixed in the air…  We are back to the basics.  It always comes back to the love of what we do and our love for humanity.

These things have helped bring us this far and will continue to propel us further.  It’s 2:22am and there’s a natural mystic floating through the air but do not be alarmed.  It’s only us, making Jun E stuff out of the greatness we carry inside.

Stay Jun E and make greatness happen!

Styled By Jun E: Friday January 25, 2013

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Hello, Jun E people!

This is Elviria W. coming to you from Jun E Caniel

Being a lover of fashion ever since I was little, I was very excited to start interning for Jun E Caniel.

I remember the first time I fell in love with fashion. I was no older than at least five years old, living in North Philly, PA

My aunt would always come and visit me and my mom. She would come so often you would of thought she lived with us! LOL One night she walked in the house wearing a brown fur coat and

I just remember saying to her “oh Auntie I want a fur coat JUST LIKE YOURS! Can you buy me one? Please, Please, Please.”

Her and my mother laughed at me and she  responded “You want a fur coat like mines?”

“Yesssss” I whined Everything she wore I wanted & being that my aunt lived in the Bronx, NY she was on in what was HOT. I wanted to dress just like my Auntie.

She then went into her suitcase and pulled out this brown fur coat just like hers but it was just for ME!!! I was so happy. She bought the majority of my clothes, LOL and I loved her for that. For about a month I wore the same coat either when I would go to school or just to walk around the house. My mom would call me a DIVA and ask for a fashion show every now and then, just to sit and be my audience. At the time I was just expressing myself and being who I truly was.  Now that I’m older, I realized I’ve lost that little girl. She’s back now and her name is AJ (Autumn June) and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Autumn June has been UNLEASHED! So I look forward to allowing you all into my world of where FASHION meets STREETWEAR!

-Elviria W.

The brisk winds of winter have brought about the perceived need for us to pack away our summer favorites and bring out our thick cardigan and sweaters.

But who says every outfit or piece of clothing has a season???? NOBODY!!! Here I have styled a black eco-friendly cardigan with a summer kelly green burnout tank top with a few original pieces.

  Despite the cold weather we’ve been having a lot of sunshine lately, and this kelly green looked FRESH in the sunlight!


The boldness of the black cardigan paired with vibrant green tank gave my winter outfit some fun.  To give this outfit a more casual look I paired up my own medium wash jeans from PacSun with a locally made t-shirt scarf (that can be worn as different accessories).

While playing around with the t-shirt scarf I realized one can rock it as a headpiece! I LOVED THE LOOK! It’s so different and has a  JUN E Style. Later I moved the scarf to my neckline and it still looked amazing.   The choice of how to rock the t-shirt scarf varies with one’s personal style.



Get this look:

Cardigan available at Jun E Caniel Boutique

kelly green burnout tank available at Jun E Caniel Boutique

t-shirt scarf  available at Jun E Caniel Boutique

 Belt was a thrift store find

Boots were bought at ALDO


They Said…

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I shouldn’t be here!.. I shouldn’t be smiling!.. I shouldn’t be Jun E! .. I should have died long time ago.. I wasn’t supposed to graduate from high school!  … I Jun E Boom wasn’t suppose to play college or Olympic ball!.. My marriage wasn’t suppose to last!.. I wasn’t suppose to make it…  I couldn’t hear over this loud thumping. “BOM! BOM! BOM! BOM!!!” You hear that?  It’s my heart beating with all of your words, all of the suffering. All of the should-nots and could-nots make it beat harder, with more passion and determination.  The doctor once told me I had an abnormally big heart. I smiled and told him I am a humanitarian, and got no response from him. *shrug*

I’m not quite sure when adversity will give up, because it is making it stronger. Go away!  YOU CANT WIN THIS BATTLE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE!

Jay Caniel

What It Takes to Be Great

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As you know, we at Jun E Caniel believe that everyone has greatness inside.  It is our mission to challenge you all to unleash that greatness with the ferocity of a lion.  It is not enough to have it inside though.  You have to figure out how to channel your skills and talents into  achieving greatness in a particular area or field.  Then you must devote a certain amount of time to this skill or area to master it, thus becoming great.Image

The Jun E team has decided to tackle this challenge to further our own greatness after reading this article on Elite Daily’s website:  http://elitedaily.com/elite/2013/10000-hours-greatness/

According to this article it takes about 10,000 hours of working on a skill for 10 years to become masterful. This breaks down to 1,000 hours a year, which means you should devote at least 2.74 hours a day to a certain skill.  We aspire to become masters in our individual areas in five years which breaks down to roughly 6 hours a day of working on a particular skill.  In order to reach our full potential in our areas we have promised to devote at least 3 hours a day starting out and working our way up to 6 hours daily.  This time is written down in journals and charted.  Plus, we have to show one another what we’ve worked on each day to make sure we are held accountable.  Image

The Jun E Team is very excited about this endeavor!  This means even better artwork being produced for our wearable art pieces, which means we’ll be able to offer higher quality designs to our clients!  This means better blog posts and speeches will be written and spoken to further inspire and uplift you guys and ladies! Thank you so much for your support thus far!  We are excited about our growth because it is you all who will get to reap the benefits of our hard work.

Hopefully you will join us in our quest to reach higher levels of greatness in your own individual skills. Stay Jun E!  We’ll see you at the top!

~The Jun E Team~

When It Doesn’t Come Fast Enough

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Truly, it can be a struggle when we step out on our own and pursue our vision.  Words like frustrated, tired, stressed and why are used very frequently.  “Why don’t we ever seem to have enough?”  “I want to be successful so bad and I’m frustrated because we aren’t getting there fast enough!”

Indeed, it’s a trying time.  How do we stay focused on the positives?  How can we keep ourselves from falling into a state of utter frustration for a prolonged period of time?  The first step would be to take a look at ourselves and give an accurate and honest evaluation.  We have to figure out where we need improvement and put a plan of action into place through which we can make those improvements. Then, we act.

Next, take a look at all successes and progress, no matter how small they seem.  Have mini celebrations.  Praise ourselves for our accomplishments thus far.  We must never discount how far we have come.

ImageThe most significant thing we must do is take control of our thoughts.  We should focus on our plan of action and the positives at all times.  What good will it do to wallow in frustration and thoughts of our perceived lack?  Lets put all of our energy and thoughts into the positive and making things happen to get closer to our goals.  Following our dreams is really a simple game.  Make no mistake, for it is not always easy, but it is never as difficult as it may seem.  We must exercise some form of patience.  This does not mean we sit and wait, this means we are actively working. ImageAs we actively wait for our success, we should never be discouraged when it seems to be slow in coming.  This is the time we continue to prepare ourselves for our ultimate level of success.  This is the time when it is most important to keep our eyes steadily looking at the vision.  Let us continue to push forward to our goals and dreams!  See you at the top!


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