Jun E Caniel

They Said…

In Thoughts on January 24, 2013 at 5:08 pm

I shouldn’t be here!.. I shouldn’t be smiling!.. I shouldn’t be Jun E! .. I should have died long time ago.. I wasn’t supposed to graduate from high school!  … I Jun E Boom wasn’t suppose to play college or Olympic ball!.. My marriage wasn’t suppose to last!.. I wasn’t suppose to make it…  I couldn’t hear over this loud thumping. “BOM! BOM! BOM! BOM!!!” You hear that?  It’s my heart beating with all of your words, all of the suffering. All of the should-nots and could-nots make it beat harder, with more passion and determination.  The doctor once told me I had an abnormally big heart. I smiled and told him I am a humanitarian, and got no response from him. *shrug*

I’m not quite sure when adversity will give up, because it is making it stronger. Go away!  YOU CANT WIN THIS BATTLE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE!

Jay Caniel

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