Jun E Caniel

Back to the Basics

In Daily Inspiration, JUN E LOVE, Thoughts on January 29, 2013 at 5:23 pm

We’ve been getting back to the basics here in Jun E Land.  Those late nights spent working on our craft have returned with a renewed passion.  This is how it all started!  It feels good to be back on track, making sure strides toward our vision with our heads in the clouds.  There’s a rhythm in our steps.  There’s fire burning inside us and we fuel it with hard work and faith.

In the beginning, the late nights were necessary, just as they are now.  When the space outside is clear and no one else is awake, there are startling moments of clarity in the sounds of night and early morning.  We birth new ideas and form greater bonds with ourselves and with one another.  One creates with lines and colors, while the other paints pictures with his words.  a back_to_basics_There is peace in this process as we work side by side in our element during the silence of the night.  Only the sounds of creation remain fixed in the air…  We are back to the basics.  It always comes back to the love of what we do and our love for humanity.

These things have helped bring us this far and will continue to propel us further.  It’s 2:22am and there’s a natural mystic floating through the air but do not be alarmed.  It’s only us, making Jun E stuff out of the greatness we carry inside.

Stay Jun E and make greatness happen!

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