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Three Outfits, One Jun E Caniel Maxi Dress

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Did someone say maxi dress???

While rambling through some of Jun E Caniel’s new items I came across this green maxi dress. I am not usually a fan of maxi dresses since I stand at about 5’11 and the general market for maxi dresses that are long enough is so limited. But when I saw how long this dress was and the soft feel of the fabric, I quickly had a change of heart. I decided to show 3 different looks that you can rock with the maxi dress as the centerpiece.  Although this dress is a more casual piece, it can be dressed up for the ladies looking for something more classic and elegant, or dressed down to appease the more casually styled Boho chic girl just trying to catch the vibe.

Items Worn:

  • Jun E Caniel Eco Military Green Maxi Dress
  • Wheat Military Studded Boots
  • Earrings used for the elegant look can be bought at ALDO Shoes in your local mall
  • Accessories provided by myself (AJ Styles) and co-owner of Jun E Caniel, Tiya “Legend” Caniel, which was thrift
  • ALDO satin studded flats
  • Forever 21 Rust/Burnt Orange Blazer
  • Handmade scarf made locally (Fayetteville, NC)


Here I pinned a handmade scarf to the neckline of the dress, to give the illusion of it being attached. So Zoe Saldana!! And with my growing baby bump this maxi dress is so comfortable. Any ladies carrying know how annoying it can be to wear clothes sometimes!

photo 2(1) photo 1(1)

photo 3(1)

photo 4


Bold is the perfect word to describe this outfit! I was just playing around when I  mixed the blazer with dress but it was so cute, and I added big colorful bangles and a necklace that turned into a headpiece. Yes, I love converting necklaces into headpieces. =)

photo 2(2) photo 1(2)

photo 3(2)photo(79)
















~The Everyday Girl~

In this look, I have half of my hair back and half down, and put on chandelier earrings.  I untied the knot in the dress and took off all the bangles.  This made for a simpler, cleaner look.

photo 2(3) photo 1(3)

Even though my make-up has been the same throughout the whole photo-shoot, which is clean with very light foundation and no eyeshadow. You can add definition to your outfit by the choice of your make-up preference.  Even a little eyeliner and mascara can give a more finished look.

-AjStyles ❤

  1. I am also tall, but I like this Maxi dress. I love how you’ve showed us funky, classic, and cool ways to work the dress. Nice!!!

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