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Styled by Jun E: It’s Time To Play Ball!

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Baseball Season is here ladies and gents! Time to grab those baseball caps, throw on a quarter sleeve tee and head out to the field. It’s time to play ball. The fashionable way!!!  I wouldn’t be surprised if most of my readers come from a sports oriented family. I recently just became apart of a family that has a strong love for basketball. (Even though I’m not there yet! I still support) So, now its time for the football fans to move over and make room for the baseball crowd!


If you’re anything like me, you refuse to play the game, and decide to sit and watch from afar, drifting off into your own little world.  Leave it to Jun E Caniel to get me excited about baseball, even if my focus is more so on what to wear to a game, than the game itself.  This week I present to you……

Jun E Caniel baseball tees! An oldie but a goody! A lot of the shoppers at Jun E Caniel love the baseball tees. They were made for both women and men; with the same colors and style.  The front features the Jun E Lion and the back has the company name and the number “22” printed on the back.  Twenty-two is a number that holds a lot of significance to the founders of Jun E Caniel.  If you want to know more about it, you gotta ask them! 🙂  Every design has meaning and is created with great intentionality.


I personally enjoy the way the shirt falls on my body. It’s the perfect length for my long carefree arms and lands at a perfect place on my long torso. Its a little weird (and weird is good) because you would think that each shirt was particularly for one person/ body type. But No, no matter the person the shirt looks great on!

Plus it has that feature of many baseball tees, light and COM-FORT-ABLE

Image (1)

Its a Jun E tee, what would you expect!? Everything made by them feels amazing! Ask around!


Styled by Jun E: From Winter to Spring Jun E Style

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Time for some spring cleaning!!! Remember as kids when our parents would force us to take a day from our weekend and sort through all our winter clothes? It was out with the old and in with the new! Fortunately, what we considered a chore, isn’t so much of a chore anymore.

We all know that spring brings warmer weather, but unfortunately mother nature doesn’t just jump right into spring, there is what we call a transition phase. This week I’ll help you transition with the swap of the jackets from leather to denim Jun E style. Plus, the Jun E Caniel brand was created for this type of weather! I’m pretty sure if you’re a follower of the Jun E brand, you’ve read somewhere “It’s a Jun E day” . Which basically means “the sun is shining, the weather is sweet” quoted from the reggae legend Bob Marley, even though each Jun E member may have their own interpretation of the phrase, that’s how I would like to simply put it. And trust me with the rising temperatures of Spring rapidly approaching there are many more Jun E days to come!


(Above: A sheer, silk modal pull-over in navy layered over a cardinal hamsa tank with a handmade scarlet red t-shirt scarf . This nifty color friendly outfit can be worn in the beginning days of spring. This is perfect for when the warmer weather hasn’t fully broken-in, but you do know its too warm outside for anything that was once apart of the “Winter Collection” attire. You can pair this outfit up with a maxi skirt, colored skinny jeans or just some casual khakis.

photo 1 (1)

(Above: The bare white long-sleeve tee is prefect for those “I don’t feel like getting dressed but I still want to appear as if I made an effort” days. I used the same scarlet red scarf from before  just to liven it up a bit. I rolled the sleeves up to make them quarter length. Perfect intro to spring!)

(Below: I used the same pieces of clothing but I decided to make the hamsa tank  more visible. So, I tied the pull-over around the waist (80’s style) and double necked the handmade scarf. Now, you can wear this with a pair of shorts and those cute sandals you just brought (I know I’m not the only one who has started spring wardrobe shopping!)

photo 2 (3)

Normally, a transition phase doesn’t last a long time. So, sooner than later you’ll be walking around in just a tank & maxi skirt, especially if you live in the southern regions.

Best Wishes


A Jun E Commitment

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Jun E DreamsI must admit I’ve been at war with myself for the last couple months. Within the last five years I’ve had a mind shift that caused a war between the person I’m supposed to be and the person who society told me it was cool to be. I’m here to tell you my real self won that battle! It took a while to reprogram my mind from the world. The place you reside today is directly correlated with the environment of your mind five years ago. I’ve always known what I wanted to do butJun E Caniel Boutique the vehicle and the road I took was different. It was altered by the people I was around, the books I read, and lessons learned as I was growing up. Five years ago I cut out TV, and the people that I gave access to my life. I must tell you this was not easy at first, however it was necessary to achieve and embark on living my wildest dreams. My only goal was to spend my life improving humanity. I wanted to spend every waking minute doing what I deem important work.  I’m there! I recently quit my job and jumped head first into my dreams… Now in no way shape or form am I suggesting others do the same, nor should you do so without a clear purpose and plan. It’s a process and for me it was time. I felt like I was dying each moment I did work for a pay check.

If you feel like you have this undeniable urge to do something great, we encourage you to! It requires acting! It requires faith in yourself and an environment that will Jun Ehelp you grow. It requires commitment! Until you are committed, there is a hesitancy, a chance to draw back. But the moment you definitely commit yourself, then the creator moves also, and a whole steam of events erupt. All manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings, persons, and material assistance which you could never have dreamed would come your way begin to flow toward you—the moment you make a commitment to greatness! See you at the top!  www.jcaniel.com

Styled By Jun E Caniel

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How To Make Your Jun E Caniel T-Shirt Stylish

When some people hear the word “t-shirt”, they automatically think of the typical over-sized tees that we get at concerts, on vacation, or for running marathons.  Depending on the quality of the fabric and graphic, a t-shirt can be the center piece of any dress casual outfit.  Many people do not know how to make their t-shirts more stylish. The very essence of Jun E Caniel lies in its limited edition sustainable tees.  With every blog post I try to incorporate how the Jun E tees are not only comfortable, but stylish at the same time.

When I was first inspired to become a model, I would watch ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) and take mental notes on how to look, walk, stand, and act like a model. One piece of advice I will always remember is Tyra Banks preaching to the contestants that a t-shirt & a pair of jeans is all you need. Keeping this in mind I have never tried to over do a outfit because it could possibly take away from me (it’s vain, I know) and what I am wearing.

So, over time I have transformed into the girl who wears t-shirts a lot, but in a very stylish way. Now, many may ask “How do you make a t-shirt stylish? It’s a t-shirt.” There is a big different between wearing a t-shirt and looking like you just got out of bed and wearing a t-shirt and turning heads.

1.) Tucking:


Tucking in a t-shirt is something that in 2013 not many people do. Just try it!! It takes your outfit from zero-sixty in no time. Shown in the photo above you can always rock your tee kind of carelessly tucked in. Or if you would like you shirt to be tucked in completely, use a belt. Wearing a belt makes your outfit look a little more clean.

2.) Layering:

photo 2

Layering is every fashionable person’s best friend. Layering is a way of life. Even people who aren’t into to fashion layer their clothing and half of them don’t even realize what they are doing. When its comes to a Jun E tee, layering is one of your best options. You can layer with a blazer like I did in last week’s blog with the hamsa tee or with a scarf as shown above by Legend herself. It does not matter what or how you layer your tee, whatever choice you make should bring out the best in you and make you feel good.

3.) Cutting:

Snip, Snip, Snip!!! Every summer I always find a day when I cut my old clothes and make them into something more fashionable or trendy. Cutting an old shirt into different styles can actually be fun. Plus it saves you money. When you cut and refashion an old shirt you have just created a new and stylish one.  Above is a video from YouTube on how to cut your tees into a tank top, a crop top or a fringe top.

4.) Just Being Creative:

photo 1

photo 2

In the house of Jun E it’s all about creativity.  Legend has already started cutting and stitching her old tees, making what we like to call a refashioned cowl neck tee. She cut off the excess part of the tee (the bottom of the t-shirt)  making it into a loosely fitted cropped top.  Then the collar is cut off to create a different neckline. Instead of wasting the material (always remember fellow Jun E people ZERO TO NO WASTE) Legend sews it to the neckline and the shirt is transferred into a cowl neck. I love it! Maybe once I have my baby I’ll be able to rock one and show off my tummy……lol

So there you have it! 4 easy steps on how to make your Jun E Tee more stylish and fashion forward.

The more creative the better!!!


Jun E Muse….

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The RestSometimes being ambitious isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. You look out and see an overwhelming amount of satisfied people and you sometimes question yourself… Wondering, “Am I just weird? Why do I want to improve humanity so much? Is it that serious?” Yes, the overwhelming crowd of complacent, selfish people who are only concerned with their well- being can take a toll. These questions however don’t last long! Times like theseUnique you’re forced to look inside! It is about more richly and more completely experiencing the unique, magnificent value that is already and always within you! Life’s circumstances do not, in and of themselves, enhance or detract from the value of your life! Fulfillment is not about acquiring something that exists outside of you… So if you are a one percenter with dreams and goals beyond yourself, the next time you have a down moment remember to look inside and not at the crowd around…  It’s lonely at the top! See you there!

Styled By Jun E Caniel

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Wait, Is It Spring ?

-Yes, It is!!!!!

photo (7)

My body is finally at the point of not fitting into any, and when I say ANY  I mean NONE of my old clothes.  I tried on a couple of Jun E Caniel t-shirts and NOPE, none would cover my baby bump! Happily, I’ve accepted the fact that my body is going through different changes…..and sizes.

Despite this, I can still show my fellow Jun E followers how to style the clothes within the boutique until I get bigger clothes…lol

Coral and Kelly Green are the two colors I’ve been seeing in the fashion world as the new colors for Spring. Here, I match two shirts in both colors with dark denim jeans. Now, I don’t know about anywhere else but here in NC, the cold weather hasn’t really broken yet. So, a nice neutral color cardigan will do you and your outfit some justice. Plus, who doesn’t like layering outfits?!!!

photo (8)

The accessories I’ve chosen are all bought at my part-time job ALDO. I figured the yellow scarf can compliment both the Coral and Kelly Green Tees.

For those who love Spring and the mixture of colors you can wear, you can accessorize with the triangle earrings, either one of the three will match with whatever t-shirt you chose to wear. I’ve also included possibilities for nail polish colors I think will add more detail and pop to your simple Jun E outfit.

Now, for the females who aren’t into being so colorful, once you layer both the scarf and cardigan, you can tone the outfit down just a little w/ the brown cheetah print sunglasses and the brown bangles.


-AjStyles =)

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