Jun E Caniel

What Box?…

In Daily Inspiration, Jun E Caniel Conversation Series, Motivational Speaking, Thoughts on April 1, 2014 at 12:35 am

So today I had a thought…  They gave me a box to live in, and I am thankful for all people who shitted in my box… lol. You forced me to create a Jun E World… From my sister who told me I Jay Caniel would never graduate high school, to her husband who always called me a day dreamer… Then, there are the “adults”  who play the success game… You know the ones who act like they have a lot going on but really hiding behind things like jobs, marital status, houses, cars, titles, and oh yea they serve on boards lol… To the pastor who turned his back cause I didn’t want  to scam people and have them pay for salvation… I thank you all! To the “affluent” woman who referred to me as a crow, I thank you too…

To the dreamers: Take all the bricks they throw at you and build your world. Build it so big that they can’t deny you! Build! Because your intentions will uplift many. Build because you have purpose and legacy. Build so much that you have a stench about you! Then go back and extend your hand to the ones who shitted in “your” box. Then you will see that it was never really your box, ’cause you cannot be contained!  That box was theirs all along. Today is a great day… Jun E!

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