Jun E Caniel

A Jun E High…

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So high…
But on the life I painted in my mind…
Made my own lane in the sky…
Just imitating the most high…
Not sure most understand
So I just greet them with a smile…
journey of a 22000 miles

Jun E Caniel

Jun E Caniel

Lead by the vision and kindness in two brown eyes…
Took obstacles out my vocabulary when I was five
Determined that I would leave my legacy on this side
I learned a few things thus far in life…
You can do anything… If you tell that to the person inside
Life is short, nothing is that serious, always wear a smile…
Keep good company they are hard to find
Be honest with yourself at all times…
You don’t need bridges when you can fly.
you will always end up with the pictures you paint in your mind…
Last but not least… Gratitude and knowing yourself is wealthiest thing you can obtain in life
(Excerpt from Jun E Musing)



  1. Jun, I really like this! Oddly enough it came at the right time too. Just lastnight I was talking to an old friend, that made me think.. “sometimes people perfectly capable hold themselves back in their own minds.” Having been around people with physical disabilities(therapy places) and seeing how something physical is holding them back, it blew my mind that anyone would hold themselves back only with the way they think! The saying “mind over matter,” is absolutely true.Keeping my mind on God and remaining positive and hopeful has been bringing me through. I cannot take tje credit for my accomplishments or miraculous recovery from the grips of death. Not to mention, it’s been awhile how are you!?
    Keep flying,

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